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Re: feeling low Angela2

Posted by B2chica on August 5, 2004, at 19:50:42

In reply to Re: feeling low partlycloudy, posted by Angela2 on August 5, 2004, at 18:18:47

((((Angela))))) dear. i am so sorry you are feeling this way.

and the decision you will be making is not an easy one, but the answer for you will be clear once it's decided. my main advice-Have NO doubts about your choice.

sometimes the simplist things in life (like what juice to make) can feel overwhelming for us. Remember that you are dealing with a lot and it only takes a small straw to "break the camels back".
You are 21 and you should certainly be doing what you want to do. Now keep in mind i am HUGE on education so this is just IMHO...but if you're 21 i'm guessing you are pretty close to finishing you degree? i personally would say if you're close to keep going. and i mostly say that because of job options out there, any degree will help.

however! First- you can switch your major to anything your heart desires! AND!!
even if you keep going, you don't need to go full time. only take as many classes as you can balance, heck just one if you want. And maybe you do need to take a semester off. and maybe you need to do that to decide where you are headed in life? i went to college straight out of HS, but that next year stayed parents were FURIOUS! but i moved out of their house and said i need a year for me i did, and it helped me to decide my direction and the following year i went back. and i also worked through school (my rambling point here is that it took me longer than average to graduate but i did and never regret taking that year off)

ok, and more of my stupid 2c but...the spring semester of this year i went into the hospital in mid march and just wasn't the same after i got mind was just mush so i took incompletes on my 2 classes. i finished them when i could. i was supposed to graduate in august but had to put that off cuz i just couldn't handle a summer session not to mention those incompletes.
Finally today i talked with my advisor and am going to register for my fall final class-i am scared to death that i will break but my Advisor knows (told him today) about my mental illness and how it's been affecting me and that i may need to do an incomplete on this project course which would postpone my Graduation till next spring. now the thought of this literally makes me sick to my stomach...i had things all planned out. But I'm even more afraid that i will end up back in the hospital...or worse 6' under. All i know is that i have to take one day at a time and if i start to fall to STOP SCHOOL. the world will not collapse if you or i stop. We ALL MUST put our health first. we must stay balanced or else we just won't function well (if at all). we are then cheating ourselves of what this life Can be like.

Long lecture short.
You MUST do what you think is best for you and your health. Only you know the answer for that, not your advisors, not your T and certainly not your parents. and remember No parent wants to hear that their child is "dropping out" of school, so expect to hear some lecturing or yelling but (tip from me) make your decision matter-of-fact. Be 110% sure this is what's best for you and tell them that, let them know that this IS an important decision and that you didn't make it lightly. that it's what is best for YOU.(i wish i could underline the YOU). You don't need lengthy explanations for them, just what you decided and that is is the right decision for you right now. The more sure you are about your choice, it will show through to them. give them time, and don't waiver on your decision. (and they will give you "scenario's" of what they think you're life will be like without school, my favorite..."and what do you plan to do with the rest of your life? work at burger king or some strip joint? you'll probably end up doing drugs..."
ok, bad quote but that's reality, i had to laugh cuz some ff managers make 30-60k a year!-but this is not the time to correct them...

ok, i realize i went off on some wild babbling rampage, sorry bout that but i've been standing not so far from where you are and i truly sympathize with you.

Just know we are here for you, and you T may beable to help you with some of the things you are feeling right now. Please take care of yourself.
i think i'll make chocolate cupcakes tonight...i'll make one just for you Angela girl ok? do you like sprinkles? i'll put extra on just for you ok?

Be good to yourself (((Angela))).




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