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Re: stopping SI (may trigger) TexasChic

Posted by B2chica on August 5, 2004, at 18:56:46

In reply to Re: stopping SI (may trigger) B2chica, posted by TexasChic on August 5, 2004, at 15:20:28

wow, so glad i'm not alone here. i've been noticing these little "hills" of emotion i've been going on this last two weeks and i can tell it's different from my bipolar switches. I suspected BPD and read that website and a few others.
i remember my pdoc while i was in the hospital gave me some pamphlets on BPD, she never said i am but i got those pamphlets (i assumed it was because they had finally seen my scars-very obvious SI and i made an attempt at my life the night before) but i didn't think any more about it. but after these two weeks it was in my mind again (i think after i took that quiz that someone posted here showing i was moderate with BPD -or was it in my memory is horrible) anyway i thought i'd ask my T about it. So i did on tuesday. I think he was actually surprised that i was so blunt about it. i asked if he had Dx that were sent to him on me? and i asked if it included BPD then mentioned the hospital stuff, and we started talking about it. how i think i may have some traits (yet many i did not) but wanted to know what he thought. we spent a good amount of time talking about that but i'd like to talk more with him, cuz with bipolar meds help...and well, do meds help with BPD? what can i do to change these extreme feelings of worthlessness and shame that come about over nothing? it's bad enough i have depression but this is so intense i hate it.

I wish you all the luck. my best suggestion is keep reading, and ask your T questions?? though i have read that a lot of therapists won't even deal with people who are BPD. i guess they don't know how to cope with the extremes or the SI or something?? and it seems like there is even a big questions mark over the whole diagnosis. My T said that there is so much crossover with other Dx that's BPD is one of those things that (in his experience) isn't like you have this symptom and this one so you are BPD, it mearly a possibility for the T to keep in their mind in terms of how to approach and best work with a client.

Take care TexasChica!
and i've been losing my mind as long as i can remember but it keeps coming back! d@mn it! the things shot and i want a new one! maybe i can find one on ebay??

>> On another note, while reading that link I got to reading aobut Borderline Personality Disorder. Now, I question myself endlessly as to whether I'm a hypocodriac, but this time all the symptoms just stood out to me dramatically in reference to the difficulty I have with friendships. It kind of shocked me. I just feel so messed up right now. I'm afraid I may be losing my mind. Wait, is that even possible? I guess it all comes down to some disorder or another. But I just feel so overwhelmed lately.




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