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Re: Good therapist-cop/Bad therapist-cop gardenergirl

Posted by B2chica on August 4, 2004, at 10:39:02

In reply to Good therapist-cop/Bad therapist-cop, posted by gardenergirl on August 4, 2004, at 9:38:44

My goodness, that was pretty blunt! i think that would be a little blindsiding for me.
-however, not suprising. my pdoc is pretty much the same way. I see one pdoc but actually saw his wife when i was in the hospital, she saw me once for 15 minutes and the next day she layed my cards out on the table -it almost took my breath away but WOW was she right on the money...i don't think anyone has EVER called me on the carpet the way she did.

ANYway, it's funny you should talk about this cuz i had my T appt yesterday -it went quite well- and we touched a little bit about this, and he said basically pdoc's tend to be much more on the physiological end of things. They deal with chemicals and prescribe meds. Where as T's deal more with internal (locus of control if you will) factors. Not the biological but how you deal with the biological. My T and i both agree that it is good to have both.
From what i've seen, IMHO i am not comfortable with a "talk therapy" with my pdoc, only with my psychologist. some pdoc's do both (or say they do) but they are much more focused on etiological reasons (cause of "disease"). Infact, the reason i brought this subject up was last time i saw my pdoc he said that he didn't believe in digging up the past, that you 'can't change it so why go there', and would only focus on the here and now and how to get me through that. Before i mentioned that i asked my T what his view on therapy was (yes i'm just now asking that...) but he replied that yes the present is very important but that most of the reason we are who we are is stemmed from our life as a whole, so he believes much in 'covering the bases'. (which by the way is Exactly what i wanted to hear...test #3 he passed with flying colors!!)

So here's the layout, i see my T once a week to talk about pretty much Anything, the only thing he doesn't do is prescribe meds. But he'll even talk about them like what he's heard about their effects and such. My pdoc i see about once every 2 or 3 months just to check on my meds and to get script filled if needed. I also see my GP about once every 2 months...(mostly cuz i LOVE him) but he's kinda both, i go...but, he makes me feel safe both physically and emotionally safe, i trust him/his opinions 150%, he protects me physically -takes care of me in a way, but he's also a little like a T. i tell him all about my pdoc and T, and if i do or don't trust them, he knows what my SI really is all about and i've never told him...he knows about my eating disorder issues... and he Never, Never judges me. he looks at me with these pretty and gentle eyes and always tells me i'm important and worth while, that i need to fight this and that he's always there for me that i can call him if i want to just talk (him or his nurse).
ok, i need to hearts beating a little fast now ;^)
sorry for the book.

> For those who see a pdoc and a T, how does it work for you? Any conflict between the two? And what do you think about her attitude?
> Thanks,
> gg




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