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Re: Have I been hearing voices? SandyWeb

Posted by Elle2021 on July 16, 2004, at 15:40:20

In reply to Re: Have I been hearing voices? Elle2021, posted by SandyWeb on July 15, 2004, at 20:31:33

>My pdoc's voice was so far away, and when I talked, I was talking through a tunnel. So I stopped talking, other than to say yes or no. I do NOT like feeling so disconnected.

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. The voice sounds far away and the entire room looks "wavy."

>But, just like me, I can't let anyone even have the slightest suspicion that I'm anything other than all there. *smile*

:) It might actually be a good idea to let him know. You mentioned you don't like it, and there are a few techniques he can teach you to help it a little bit. Things like breathing. It helps me to pick an object and describe it throughly.

> Now, as to your comment about the music and the dj that I hear. Why do you think that is important to mention to my pdoc?

It just seems like an important symptom to me. It couldn't hurt to look into it. There was a thread several months back that someone wrote. Said that she could hear music playing constantly. I think she mentioned it sometimes sounded like an orchestra!

> As for the voices, I most certainly do NOT answer the fowl voice. He is just too vulgar and disturbing. I do not want to spend any amount of time on remembering his words. The quicker I get away from him, the better.

How do you get away from him?

> No, I've never asked them to be quiet. Have you asked yours?

Yes, when she starts talking I tell her that I am the one in control here and she needs to be quiet. Usually she stops after I tell her to.

>As for the other guy....well, he doesn't seem to be doing any harm. Other than I can't sleep when he gets really excited and noisy. Lol.

Oh my! That must be frustrating sometimes!! What do you do when he won't be quiet?

> Are you on meds for your voices?

I was on Chlorpromazine, but I don't take it anymore. I do take it when I get hypomanic.

>Is it okay to hear the voices?

I can't really answer that. It's hard to say. We all have an inner-voice, but I'm not sure where we start to distinguish it between healthy and problematic. I'm not sure.

>Mine didn't start until this whole mess began about a year and a half ago. Before that, it was just little ole me in this body. Lol

Hmm, I read your other post and it sounds like you had some really traumatic things happen to you. I'm sorry if I already asked this, but what is your dx?

>How about yourself?

I think my voices started about 2 years ago. I remember creating "people" to talk to when I was younger. I began having inner-conversations with myself? about the trauma I was going through. Maybe that's why I here the voice now. I'm dxed with PTSD, OCD, depression, panic disorder, etc... ugh! lol :)

> Take care!

You take good care of yourself too!! It's so good talking to you.





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