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Re: disturbing... shadows721

Posted by B2chica on July 10, 2004, at 17:15:46

In reply to Re: disturbing dream means???***possible trigger**, posted by shadows721 on July 10, 2004, at 16:23:20

"that's interesting"?? that's really what they said??
i've never brought it up, but i actually did it once in his office when i was just starting with him. I snapped out when he was saying my name (though i don't know how many times he said it) i think he asked me something but i just started talking about what i last remembered-i don't think it was right but he never said anything contrary.

>>I don't know why, but I feel compelled to say the following warnings about the internet>

I can't believe someone would WANT to make $$ off anyones situations here. it's insulting. we're not some characters in a play! we don't write our own scripts (believe me they'd be different!)-they shouldn't make it into one!

i do agree that i think a lot more read than write, i mean i was one of those...i was reading for about three/four months before i finally got the courage to post.

-and Why in the H@LL would anyone WANT to drive by an abusers home?????? it sounds quite sick to me!
But THANK YOU for mentioning it. i just CAN'T BELIEVE what people would do!
and just How in the H@ll did she think this would make YOU FEEL!!!!!!!!! I Mean you've GOT to be KIDDING ME!!

>>Another time, I became quite close to someone on the internet. I thought he was my friend. He was a total hoax. Everything he said about himself was a total lie.

You know Shadows, this is the first discussion board(chat room kinda thing) i've ever been on. i've never done it before cuz i'm so synical that i'd never believe anything anyone told me about themselves. But here...well, for some reason, after reading and "getting to know" people here, and hearing their pain, it just didn't occur to me that people would actually MAKE UP PAIN!!!!!
isn't there enough pain in this D@mn world? do they have to make believe they have some?? do they want mine? cuz believe me, this is making me extremely dysfunctional. I Love my work and it breaks my heart that i can't do what i could a year ago, I love my husband and it kills me that i feel i'm Constantly disappointing him cuz i can't do things i used to beable to do. And I am Tearing up inside because i want babies SOOOO Badly but with all this going on, is it fair?, can i really do that now? Will i even be able to?
Well, Believe me -your a f@$king IDIOT and PATHETIC if you have to make up sick stories about abuse! and that P!$$es me OFF just THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!!

but i thank you for reminding me that there are loosers out there like that.

> I like to protect, B2.

i do too, i'm VERY protective of my (1or2)friends, and oh, don't mess with my niece and nephews!
and for the record, your on this list too. no one better mess with Shadows721 or i'll send them a 'worm' that'll shut down their system permanently and infect everyone they know!
**and as a disclaimer i hope my comments, questions or other writings will NOT be repeated, copied OR Printed in any way by anyone.

>>I would love to have a friend on the outside of this computer screen. It's very lonely living with these symptoms like this.

Boy, i hear you Shadows. i would too. I'm just so untrusting, i think everyone has alterior motives (course from my experience they usually do). So it's hard, real hard for me to trust. also, who out there really understands things unless it's someone who has similar experiences(and is just as untrusting as me:)

So you know, it may be behind a screen, but you've got me Shadows. I feel you have suffered 20x what i have experienced, but you are so caring and intelligent and i care a lot about you. You have helped me Many, Many times. i just could not ever thank you enough.
I am your friend Shadows. (and i don't say that to just anyone). know that.
no matter what pain you are feeling, i am here. no matter what your memories, i am here. no matter where you go, i am here. ...i am here. you have touched my heart and i thank you for that.
please take care.

ps, i think i'm gonna take off to B&N and check out that book by martha stout that zenhussy mentioned.




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