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Re: disturbing dream means???***possible trigger**

Posted by shadows721 on July 10, 2004, at 16:23:20

In reply to Re: disturbing dream means???***possible trigger** shadows721, posted by B2chica on July 10, 2004, at 14:45:53


These symptoms are isolating. I don't think people who don't have these symptoms may fully understand. No, you are not alone at all. But, these symptoms sure make us feel that way.

I have had docs that don't know about dissociation say, "That is interesting." I
hate that when they say that. It's disabling! It's lonely! It's not interesting to me. It feels like I am stuck with a bad stick shift for a brain. Everyone else is using an automatic.

I don't know why, but I feel compelled to say the following warnings about the internet>

I had on one board a woman that was wanting to put my words and dreams into her book! I was stunned. I said, "H*ll no woman". "No, one is going to make money off of my suffering". I have taken a lot of risks even on this board. I think more read posts than reply. But, that's just a gut feeling thing going on here. I think there way more out there with these symptoms.

This is a warning too about people on the internet. On another place, I told a woman on PM the place my abuser lived and told her to never even drive by there. Her family lived in the area. Oh, big mistake. The next time I talked to her she told me that she and her cousins drove by his home. I was beyond hurt. My point don't ever give out the name, address or anything that can link out information about your abuser (if living).

Another time, I became quite close to someone on the internet. I thought he was my friend. He was a total hoax. Everything he said about himself was a total lie. Another person on the internet that he was friends with had him checked out. I was devestated. I really liked this person. He didn't have to make up so many lies about himself. I was really hurt.

---------------end of warnings-----------------

I like to protect, B2. So, I hope that my lessons will not be repeated by anyone. Any how, thank you so much for the kind words, B2. I do appreciate them. I would love to have a friend on the outside of this computer screen. It's very lonely living with these symptoms like this.




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