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Re: $1000 or more to solve this OCD symptom

Posted by Alesta on April 17, 2004, at 17:19:04

In reply to $1000 or more to solve this OCD symptom, posted by OCDsalivator on August 18, 2003, at 1:25:18

Sorry you're having such a hard time. i'm going to try to keep this brief due to repetitive stress injuries.

there are 2 great things to try. Fish oil (i like carlson's lemon-flavored, which is just as high quality as omegabrite and cheaper), probably around 5 grams (5,000 mg) a day. you can get a great price at See if lower amounts work first, due to cost. here is a web site about this:

2nd thing is morphine. i read a promising article about taking a small dose 1 or 2 times a week, and a post elsewhere on psychobabble. maybe find a doctor who will prescribe it. our brain has natural morphine, which you may be deficient in or something. sounds very promising. (i think the fda is testing a similar drug called tramadol for ocd.) here is the psychobabble post:

New treatment to ocd and social phobia:
There are several studies that indicate that morphine provides relief from ocd taken orally only once a week! Studies indicate that it acts on the caudate nucleus which the area of the brain that is implicated with ocd.

Check out this info.

Exciting evidence recently published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry suggested morphine as an efficacious drug that showed dramatic effects in cases in which SSRI's, behavior therapy, and psychosurgery failed (Warnecke 1997). The author referenced several imaging studies showing a concentration of opioid receptors in the caudate nucleus, an aforementioned important region in the pathogenesis of OCD (Murin et al. 1980; Woo et al. 1985). Notably, none of the patients reported a euphoric response after each dose of morphine, which suggests that the mu subclass of opioid receptors may not be involved and the risk of addiction should be very low. Oral doses of morphine were given with doses ranging from 20 to 40 mg. Surprisingly, therapeutic effects lasted for at least 5 days following a single dose.

Does anyone have any experience with morphine for ocd?
I can see why this can be true, b/c I recently recieved morphine when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. For several days I had complete relief from my ocd and social phobia.

Good luck to you! i hope you find relief.

take care.




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