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Re: Limits of exposure therapy

Posted by snapper on April 6, 2004, at 21:36:14

In reply to Re: Limits of exposure therapy, posted by Doug Saving The Team on April 6, 2004, at 20:15:20

> Snapper,
> Yes, that makes sense. The fears have been intertwined to an extent, but really the first fear was that I may have tracked in drugs on my shoes by going to parties. Then with this treatment, being advised to eat off the floor, and I did, I was fearful that as a result of eating off the floor I may have exposed myself to drugs.
> 1. Doug I am not sure but I think your Therapist may be inadvertantly messing with you(ie-he does'nt mean to be but might be complicating things for you!)
> So what is the solution here? If my fear is rational that I could track in drugs from a dance club or frat party I went to, then when I touch the bottom of my shoes while tying them, is it ok to then eat something? If that is rational fear, then I suppose I should not eat until I wash my hands? If you feel dirty or contaminated then wash your hands but don't go over board and it is very unlikely that you ingested any illicite drugs -and I am not just saying that to make you feel better!!
> This is all very frustrating. Let me note that while I cannot see anything in particular on my floor, it is rarely vacuumed, so I certainly could have tracked it in and it could be sitting there.
> Also, Snapper, are you an expert in OCD or are you speaking from personal experience?
> 2. No I am Not an expert in OCD-just mostly from self realization-believe me I struggle everyday with goofy stupid-obsessions and contamination possibilities everyday!!
> I am feeling better now, though all today I felt quite strange. What is the probability that I ate illicit drugs as a result of eating off the floor? I go to parties every weekend and my shoes sit there, so I'd guess a chance of 5%, but then again all that anxiety I had may have been just me reacting to realizing how great a fear it is for me and being concerned. If I did ingest something, will this have long term side effects? Will I be back to normal by tomorrow?
> Doug I would first consider the Idea that #1, what types of drugs could possibly be on the floor that would actually have the ability to stick to your shoes? #2 what are the chances that if you did track them into your room, via the bottoms of your shoes, then the very remote possibility that *drugs* would even be potent enough to effect you in a harmful or deleterious way!! Also the very fact that you feel strange the next day, is to me a PURE anxious response that infact you did ingest any drugs via your shoes and you are most likely causing yourself undue wierd feelings (anxiety). I know it is very angst provoking but given that you are alive and here and corresponding to me and have not *freaked out* or died is A VERY strong indicator that what you fear the most --- DID NOT OCCUR >> I hope I was able to answer part or most of your ?'s and I know that there are no specific easy answers either-I do know this at some point and time you need to ask yourself? Really, what is the *absolute* possibility that any of these high anxiety situations will happen or occur!!
Not to sound to simplistic, but try this -everytime you have any obsession , try to tell yourself this: HEY it is JUST MY OCD-then realize that you survived the most recent incident of paralyzing -*what if fear* then you are very much likely to survive , the next attack, and that in itself is what I believe to be the underlying concept of Exposure Response Therapy!
let me know what you think. I know that the thoughts of -what if ....... might still exist but by acknowladging the fact that you did survive and will, should be encouraging!!Like I said I am not an expert by any means but let me know what you think!! Snapper
> I look forward to your response.
> Sincerely,
> Doug
> > P.s. , Doug, I know that this fear of ingesting drugs from the floor and being carried in on peoples feet is an extreme fear for you, but let me ask you this? Do you know which came first the idea of ingesting drugs from parties on the floor and tracked in by peoples feet, or was it merely a fear that you "might want to eat off of the floor-to show yourself that indeed you are not afraid of the possibility that you might want to ingest drugs, you don't want to ingest" . In otherwards, which fear came first. Or have they both been intertwined from the beginning? Make sense?
> > let us know
> > snapper




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