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Re: Scared to death Pandabear

Posted by fallsfall on April 3, 2004, at 22:34:39

In reply to Scared to death, posted by Pandabear on April 3, 2004, at 17:03:18


>Im scared that she will want to hospitalize me for not taking my medicine but im not a threat to myself or others. I just feel that my psychiatrist will throw me in the hospital because she is so frustrated with me.

*** Have either of them said anything about putting you in a hospital? In my experience it is difficult to get into a hospital unless you are suicidal. Not taking your medicine is not a crime - that is a choice that you can make. If you are not a threat to yourself or others, why would they force you into the hospital? I have never heard of a hospital admitting someone because their pdoc was frustrated.

From what you have said, I don't see any danger of you being involuntarily admitted to a hospital. Do you know where this idea started?

(Please also consider that if you NEED to be in a hospital, that being in a hospital is a GOOD thing. Hospital stays can be very helpful. I know it can seem scary, but I know that my hospital stays really did help.)

> Im frustrated and scared but im angry at myself for not being able to agree with them.

*** There is nothing that says that you HAVE to agree with them. You should only agree with them if you think that they are right. It is also OK to be angry with your therapist and/or pdoc. My therapist said a couple of weeks ago that he thought it would be therapeutic for me to be angry with him. Well, he got his wish on Thursday. But we'll work it out. Anger is OK - anger is fine. The question is what do you DO with your anger? I have no idea what to do with mine! But as long as the actions that result from your anger are reasonable, there is nothing wrong with anger.

I think that you should talk to your therapist. If you don't think you are Bipolar, then tell her why. Ask her to explain to you why she thinks you are. Tell her that you are afraid that she will put you in the hospital, and see what she says. I'm guessing that you have a lot more choices than you think you do. Your therapist can help you understand what is upsetting you so much.

P.S. Of course, my interpretation assumes that I know about what has gone on. All I know is what you put in this post and the previous one. If they have talked specifically about you being hospitalized, then my opinion might change. I just know that there are LOTS of times when I start freaking out when there really isn't any need to freak out. I'm hoping that this is one of those times for you - and that things really are fine. Good luck.




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