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Re: Im about to really loose it. Crooked Heart

Posted by Pandabear on February 10, 2004, at 19:53:34

In reply to Re: Im about to really loose it. Pandabear, posted by Crooked Heart on February 10, 2004, at 17:38:25

Thank you thank you for being so kind...I did talk to my psychiatrist and she decided to put me on seroquel? Have you heard of it?? It is a seditive but it is supposed to help me sleep better and then during the day it is supposed to help my anxiety. AND, the lower the anxiety, the less i will obsess...(hopefully). But, I did tell her about my weekend and she said that anyone would have reacted the way that I had...But, I dont think she realized how that I couldnt even get out of bed. I was so scared. She said to just wait and speak to my therapist about it at my next appt which is on monday...sooooo, I will. But she is testing me now to see if I can go for long periods without talking to my therapist either by phone or by dropping her a note. IF I am able to go a week without..then i can reward myself with something like a massage or soemthing..I asked her what would happen if I messed up and called my therapist, would she be mad...and she said "see it isnt what we think that really matters..its what you think that we think ...that is the problem.." Because this shows them that I am obsessing and worrying to the point where it isnt good for me. (yes i worry way too much) But, I work in a doctors office and I know that we dont like it when someone calls us all the it has to be annoying when people call them constantly...BUT, I also think "WHO CARES" how many times I call. If Im calling them (and I only call for legitimate reasons...I never call to 'shoot the breeze', then they will realize that something is wrong and be able to fix it ..right?) She told me if i have to call, to write down why i feel like I have to and then bring it in to my next session and talk to my therapist about it. (Can you tell Im obsessive..Im really not a bad person...:)

But anyway, I am now on Lamictal and Seroquel. If anyone knows anything about Seroquel good or bad...let me know. Is there any blood tests involved in Seroquel? Just wondering. Overall my talk with her was good in the 30 mins that we had..I just hope that I can hold off on talking to my therapist until monday...( I havent called her since the beginning of January) so its all good! Thanks caring about me. I told my therapist that I had joined this online support group and she was really excited. This is great for me to be able to talk to people that know what im going makes me feel like im not alone ...which is a good thing. Have a great night.




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