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Im about to really loose it.

Posted by Pandabear on February 6, 2004, at 17:59:27

Today, my boss kept me after work wanting to know how I was doing and I told her about the arguement that I had a few nights ago and some of how therapy was going and all. Mind you, my boss and i have both a professional and personal friendship and so i have talked to her about my issues...but, she then tells me that I need to snap out of my depression and that my therapist will never fix me..i have to fix myself, she tells me that she wishes she could fix me but that she cant AND she then starts questioning my therapist and if wether or not she is really doing me any good. She asks me what she is helping me with right now and I cannot answer it. I know what she is helping me with but I cannot answer it to her..I love my therapist and she truely is helping me. I hate everyones opinions and it is only depressing me..i want people to leave me alone and let my therapist and I deal with things (Im not applying this to anyone who is offering me advice and stuff on this website) :) Everyone is concerned for me but telling me that my therapist isnt right for me and that I dont need therapy is wrong. I do need therapy. My boss asked me why I felt like i could talk to her and no one else..WELL, I didnt answer her then except to say that i feel comfortable with her..but now that i think about it....talking to a therapist is different than talking to a friend because the therapist will NOT befriend you or make fun of you or whatever..I friend...might.So...of course i feel better talking to her. My boss told me that she doesnt see me working at the office forever and I want out now. I think that if i get rid of her as my boss that i will be much happier and I can continue seeing my therapist without feeling guilty ALL THE TIME. It is times like this that I just want to hide from the world. Im so depressed right now..I had called my therapist earlier and she never returned my call. I think she thinks she is being theraputic but, it isnt really messed up right now. If i could call the doc on call i would but then again i feel that my problem isnt big enough. Im so close to calling a counseling service..I just need someone to talk to..someone that understands..and who wont tell me to snap out of it and get motivated...Im so sick of hearing that. I know if my dad calls..(which i am mad at him too) im going to so irritated...its times like this that I start wishing i could be hospitalized so that I can get attention and be around people whos only job is to help me. I feel like everyone is against me..even my therapist for not calling me..but i know she probably had a good reason...IM so lost right now...:(




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