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Posted by Penny on February 6, 2004, at 15:19:15

In reply to Re: FEELING INVISABLE Penny, posted by Fallen4myT on February 6, 2004, at 14:43:21

> Thanks Penney for the reply and all you said..Thing is, this session he was as always attentive and all but I don't know what it is I maybe feel he isn't getting my message on something and I feel lost :( Its not just with him or even this board here, lately it is every place I post or emails I send they get replied to days later but these same people want replies NOW (if you know what I mean) when they write me. My T was late and didn't say sorry or explain maybe that was part of it? Then he said I have to talk to someone for a second once I got into his office and I said kinda pissed (not like me) under my breath (lol like me) "what the hell is another couple of seconds I waited 35 minutes already ". He was fast, hung on all my words once back and we took a full hour. I have been withdrawing a LOT lately from just about everything, more like backing away. I don't know but I wish I was SEEN and that I matter really MATTER :( And maybe it has something to do with T not getting what it is and what I need in return but I feel just crappy both anxious and sad and tons of bad dreams.

I think you definitely need to discuss this with him - it was inconsiderate of him to be late and to make you wait a little longer without even apologizing. He needs to know that it bothered you - chances are, he didn't give it a second thought.

> On your last question, I do not remember when I signed on some of the rules so I am feeling like maybe I cannot honestly reply in a safe way in here?

I think, in general, the rules are that if you post an active suicide threat, Dr. Bob will probably contact your ISP and try to get help to you. If you are feeling suicidal and say so (but no plan), you are free to say that you are having suicidal thoughts. No specifics, I believe about your actual plans...but that is beside the point.

If you ARE feeling suicidal, I need you to get yourself somewhere safe - either to a hospital or somewhere where you are not alone. Do you have a pdoc? Can you call your T? You definitely need to contact someone in person - and I promise you, that if you call your T (or pdoc) and you are having thoughts of hurting yourself, they will be glad you called. That's why they are there.

Otherwise, if you do have a plan and you feel you might be in danger or you might act on your plan, you need to go to a hospital, or, if you can't do that safely, dial 911. (you are in the states, aren't you?)

Bottom line, if you are feeling suicidal, you need to do whatever you have to do to ensure your SAFETY. I know that it may not feel like you want to ensure your safety right now, but, take my word for it, you won't always feel the way you do right now.

I'm going to check in on you later - post back and let me know what you are going to do to take care of YOU.






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