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Re: Question for gg.

Posted by alexandra_k on February 5, 2004, at 20:55:47

In reply to Re: Question for gg. alexandra_k, posted by Dinah on February 5, 2004, at 17:24:52

Hi people.. Made a mistake in my last post. I meant to say that I think that experience is more important, or prior to, or fundamental to belief in most cases (though not all). Talked about endorsing the latter - I meant the former. I haven't read the emotional brain - but will sometime this year. One of my friends does work on memory and thinks that he is just god.

What I kind of meant by outcome studies is hard to explain. I know that DBT outperforms psychodynamic stuff (just) for BPD for example. But then Borderlines are hardly a homogenous group are they??? Wonder if some borderlines may do better with psychodynamic stuff than DBT - maybe the ones that DBT isn't too effective with. I wonder what factors would be relevant to which kind of treatment works best??? (Other than diagnosis and / or particular symptoms). I, for example, have a very strong defence of intellectualisation. I do not cope well with people telling me that I am illogical as I am sure I can do 2 dimensional modal semantics better than they - it doesn't work to try to argue me out of my 'maladaptive beliefs' . What I personally need is to see someone who is prepared to engage with me. Then I can be more emotionally responsive (reactive??) and there is a genuineness in my emotional responses that comes through once my intellectual guard comes down. And then I am in a place to be able to see and evaluate my current responses etc...

My current T is CBT trained. She hasn't done DBT - but said she will try to be 'informed' by it best she can. I said I didn't really care - just so long as she was prepared to help me figure out what is going on for me and why and how I might be able to change it and how I can make sense of it all. She has agreed. She has put away her little boxes and 6-12 wk timeframe and is trying to just see what works with me and stick to that and see how we go. I am grateful for her willingness to be flexable (she acknowledges that CBT hasn't worked too well for me in the past) but I am concerned that aside from CBT I am not sure that she really knows what she is doing...

But I have no treatment options left. She is willing to try to help me and I am so imensely grateful for that, but scaired that she may well not know any different.




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