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Re: Help!!! Karen_kay

Posted by Angielala on February 5, 2004, at 13:23:37

In reply to Help!!!, posted by Karen_kay on February 5, 2004, at 12:15:59

KK, my beautious bride....

The wonderful world of hypomania! Blah- I know what it's like. I think your profs will understand if you ask to meet with them for a quick one on one and explain that your are in a cycle right now, and are on a "high" (unless it's a psych prof, then just tell him your in a hypo and an outlet for your extra energy is giggling, and you do your best to keep it at bay. Explain that you mean no disrespect at all. You could also go to an advisor and explain and they can explain it to your profs. I had to do that in college- but more for random crying outbursts. It would have been understandable if we were talking about something heavy but they were talking about clowns....

Take it easy. Know that you do not single-handedly need to save the world, yourself or anyone. Don't think that you can make up for lost time or anything like that. When you feel that you are really worked up, step outside for some air- alone. Sit down, close your eyes. Make sure you are comfy- lay your hands on your thighs, palm upwards. Picture yourself walking down big stairs. 10 of them. take a step down, count in your head. Think 9- "let the tension go". take 9 slow, deep breaths. then envision the next step down- think 8- "let fresh air fill my lungs". 8 deep slow breaths. in through the nose, out through the mouth. Down one- think 7, "the only thing that matters now is my awareness" 7 breaths... Down one- think 6, "taking everything slowly will help my thinking" breathe. Down one more- think 5 "I'm half-way to relaxation" breathe
4- "my mind is slowing down, my mind is clearing"
3- "I feel light all around me, I feel clear"
2- "I will recognize my mania and maintain control"
1- "I am relaxed and in control"
Breathe 10 deep breaths to end it- slowly.

That's one thing that can sometimes help me keep it real when I'm deciding on which country i want to save when my lovely hypo visits me.

When you start getting the racing thoughts, simply try to distract yourself- easier said than done, but really really try to throw yourself into something that interests you, but more importantly challenges you- but try to find something that you don't need to go to the store for (unless your hypo is different than mine, I need to find ways to avoid stores during the hypo, or I spend every penny I have)

I hope that helped some.

I'm here- let me knwo if you need to rant and go crazy- sometimes ranting to someone who understands makes you feel better too- and remember, you can never offend me :)

> I think I may be going to a hypomanic stage!!! And I keep having giggling outbursts during class. So much so that my profs stop class and look at me... Now, I don't want to tell them I'm dx Bipolar. But, I feel I have to explain myself. Several profs have commented on my behavior. I even called my therapist to tell him I'm in love with him and asked him to divorce his wife... And I DON'T want someone to take away my good time... What should I do to explain my odd behavior. And did I post this on the right board? And did I make too many typing errors? And are my numerous posts getting annnoying? I'm sorry... :( I try not to be annoying, I really do. Just thinking too much, I suppose. I have to email a prof tonight and I don't know how to explain my behavior.... HELP me think of something to say.. I tried to chalk it up to anxiety, but i think it's past that point now, as I'm also having racing thoughts, crossing streets without checking for cars, different sorts of odd behaviors like that.... And I also think I look REALLY beautiful!! And I really want to have sex... So, I really don't think it's anxiety any more...




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