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Re: Anybody else who needs support w DD is welcome too

Posted by Dorothy Hays on December 13, 2003, at 17:10:14

In reply to Anybody else who needs support w DD is welcome too (nm) habbyshabit, posted by grb on October 30, 2003, at 17:44:09

Republican, US citizen, Christian, White

I have the persecutory delusional disorder and I haven't met anybody with this disorder. It's hell to live in this world...yet I do function and keep busy. It has affected all my relationship and even new relationships I think about maybe developing but I know that even with new relationship they will not be honest with me about stalking me, harassing me, stealing my identity and making my life unimportant by not really being honest with me about what they know. Nobody ask me what I do...because they know. Nobody ever ask me if I made my outfit or that it looks nice because they know they watched me sew it. That's how life is for me....Nobody is interested in even saying my name because they are assuming my identy and if they spoke my name,Dorothy, then they would give themselves away because they are assuming my identy. It goes on and on. I can't get a job or keep a job. When I apply for a job 500 people are pretending to be me apply for the same job. They even keep denying me social security disability benefits because I haven't worked in five years. I tell them...I couldn't work, it's impossible to work outside the home with my life like this. They say at social security dissability, that I have been delusional since 1990 but I haven't any doctors verification that I had a delusional disorder because it took almost ten years before I went to see a phyciatrist. Nobody could convince me what was happening wasn't real. I know all that goes on around me is real but nobody believes me. Why should I go to a phyciatrist and take medicine when I don't have a delusional disorder. It's real what is going on around me. It's real that I'm being looked at all the time and everything I have in my house has a group of people attatched to it. Nobody believes me. It's such a lonely way to live and the people around watching and following don't care about me at all, only about the stuff I buy. It's very lonely and I can't dwell on all the hurts, betrayals and abuses because it would drive me to dispair or madness. So I go about trying to live a normal life in appearance.
It's awful being delusional because I am a white lady and the black people keep stealing my white, republican, christian identy. The illigal aliens show me as a mexican and I'm a white United States citizen. It's very rare that I'm a white, French US citizen. The black people and mexicans steal everything I do, my name, my face, my hand, my feet, my head. They steal my clothes and it never stops the hell the black and mexicans put me through every moment of the day. They hate me because I'm a white US christian citizen. I can't talk about it anymore or I'll cry, scream and cuss becaue I'm pushed beyond my limits.
Does anybody out there know what I'm saying.
I don't even know what name to use...because they stole my maiden name and my married name so I'll sign both.

Dorothy Hays
Dorothy Belanger




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