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Who to turn to?

Posted by EscherDementian on September 4, 2003, at 7:13:08

i need to find a ___(?) Doctor? Therapist? ??? and am overwhelmed by the number of practitioners and different titles in my insurance directory.

This year has been hell, and i am as confused as Buridan's donkey... and going down fast.

i have been bounced from primary care physician (have been having an entire A-->Z of illnesses due to what he called "anxiety" and wiped out immunity) to someone for stress reduction techniques. This referral practitioner saw me a few times, then said said that i had to go to a "Depression and Anxiety Clinic". There, the titles of the practitioners were a huge range, so i went with the first one who had an appointment opening. She told me that she i had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and needed medication for the extended period of high stress cortico-hormones i had been running on & referred me to someone else who could prescribe. That practitioner, a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, tried Seroquel & Effexor and Wellbutrin, then Lexapro unsuccessfully(they had terrible side-effects) then concluded that i had ADD. The the medication that she insisted should be working for me was doing the OPPOSITE of what she told me should be happening, and in fact was causing _more_ problems without solving my original un-wellness. (EXCEPT for Adderall. ADDerall was a godsend. It calmed and focused me). But the other side-effects were becoming excruciating and she seemed to discredit my descriptions of their ill-effects OR requests(mine) to try alternatives. Last month, after being immobilized with depression, childhood flashbacks, excruciating inner-ear screeching, and anxiety/despair because of the preceeding, i felt i simply could not continue anymore with that particular combination, and began weaning myself off. In therapy, i told her this, and rather than explore a different combination she refused to perscribe anything at all, and says i need to have Behavioural Therapy,(NO medications) for The Highly Sensitive Person. i looked at her referral's info. very sincerely and researched everywhere the therapy's descriptions but quite honestly, all my instincts tell me that this isn't quite on target.
i only have 10 visits for Behavioral Therapy alotted to me by my MedInsurance, at a huge copay, and i just can't handle anymore time and agony wasted- my soul's worn out at the knees. and i'm not rich$. What can be done in only 10 visits? i have many more visits alotted AND perscription coverage, if i choose someone 'within net'. And that list is HUGE. With nearly just as many titles. *))boggle((*

It's been a month or so without meds. The side-effects have stopped. The ADDerall proved to be the only side-effect-free benefit, but i have run out. Coping 'scattered' all the time again is tough.(i apologize for going on and on- i hope i've made sense- it's hard to filter concisely).
THANX for listening. Please help if you can~





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