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Re: Fun in Therapy

Posted by fallsfall on August 24, 2003, at 21:36:43

In reply to Re: Fun in Therapy, posted by allisonf on August 24, 2003, at 15:19:11

Dinah and Stebby and Allison,

I do take a lot of meds (9 different meds every day, 3 PRN, plus vitamins and calcium and fish oil). He is concerned that some of my symptoms (fatigue) are a side effect of the meds that I'm taking, rather than part of the depression.

I've been with my pdoc for 8 years, and my therapist for 2 months. So my therapist wasn't around to see how I was doing before and after each med change. He sort of doesn't "believe" in taking lots of meds. The two docs exchanged voice mail messages a while ago. The only result I heard was that my therapist was ticked that my pdoc thought that my therapist thought that "I should be off meds" - which isn't what I told my pdoc. My therapist seemed to understand that I had told my pdoc one thing and my pdoc heard something else.

My pdoc and I have agreed that (as a result of my therapist's suggestion) I will try (slowly and carefully) to reduce my meds. We have agreed on an order to try reducing them in, and discussed a pace for the first one. I will start on September 2 (I wanted to get kids launched for the school year first).

I would be thrilled to reduce the meds. I currently believe that they are helping me (I wouldn't be take them otherwise). But I am very willing to experiment and see what each one is doing for me and assess their benefit vs. their side effects. I believe that I would have enough control so that it would be safe, and my pdoc and I have agreed that if it starts to look like I do need a med I am trying to reduce that I'll go right back to what I am taking now.

I am not aware of any dependence on the meds. I believe that I am compliant with my pdoc's instructions. I have not been able to understand what makes my therapist believe that I am dependent. The only thing he's said is that some of his patients come in telling him that they hate their meds. Well, I think they help, so I don't hate them. Does that make me dependent?

I don't believe that he was "prescribing the sympton", but I could be wrong. I think that he chose this issue to create my transference. So it could be that he doesn't care so much about it, but I don't think so.

We'll see on Tuesday.




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