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Posted by mist on June 28, 2002, at 23:40:47

In reply to Self Hypnosis in lue of medications Essence , posted by Dr. Bob on June 28, 2002, at 11:09:29

It could be possible but you would have to really know how to hypnotize yourself. Some people call just relaxing and giving themselves suggestions self-hypnosis. I have been hypnotized and it's very different. It's a subtle but distinctive altered state. You would have to go to a trained hypnotherapist who is also a psychotherapist and have them hypnotize you a few times first and teach you self-hypnosis. Don't go off the meds until you have done this for a couple of months and you see its effects. (Also, you didn't say, but if you happen to be bipolar I seriously doubt that hypnosis could replace meds. I don't see how it could. I'm assuming you're referring to unipolar depression.)

I believe self-hypnosis could help for some people, especially with anxiety (but possibly also for depression, although it depends on the cause and other factors.). Self-hypnosis might have other benefits as well and be worth trying anyway. However, I think going to a hypnotherapist on a regular basis would be better than self-hypnosis (but expensive).

>If a depression and anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance how could hypnosis change that?

I don't believe medication is the only way to effect brain chemistry for every depressed person. It's like with high blood pressure. Some people take medication to lower their blood pressure. Others exercise and meditate and use other stress-reduction techniques and it does the job. Some with diabetes. Some are able to control it with diet and exercise, some not. What will work for one person may not work for the next. Depends on a lot of factors.

> [Posted by Essence on June 28, 2002, at 6:30:12]
> > I recently went to a workshop on depression and one of the speakers there was a man who has had depression for 10 yrs, he said he was on Prozac for 7 yrs and then turned to hypnosis and is now drug free for 3 yrs. Can this be possible? to cure depression and anxiety with self hypnosis? If a depression and anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance how could hypnosis change that? Any input is appreciated. This man made me nervous as some people bought his story and are now talking about going off their meds. Scarey! BUT...if there is some truth in what he says...I'd buy into it, I would love a life without medications.




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