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Re: great vent!

Posted by winter on June 21, 2002, at 17:07:52

In reply to Re: great vent! terra miller, posted by InsomniaMom on June 20, 2002, at 15:55:08

On the topic of true bio chemical depression;
All of human kind has some sort of genetic flaw. No one is perfect in that sense. Or any other sense for that matter. However the physical symptoms we can readily measure often don't indicate any imperfection. For the majority its in the DNA, the brain, etc... We can live many of our lives not realising that we aren't 100% healthy till one day something triggers it, or we notice it.

An example of this is that there are over 300 different forms of dwarfism. One causes people to grow not much taller than 5'4 males and 5'0 females, with proportionate features, and I don't want to sound politically inconrrect but I cant remember the term for when the head is large and flat. You know what I am talking about the "sterotypical" head. People with this form don't, have the tell-tale head that often indicates dwarfism at birth. So imagine how many women out there that are 4'11 who think they are just short who may actually have a "genetic defect". I had a friend in high school who actually had a form of dwafism, no one knew. She was 5'4 wore a size 0. He left thumb was extremely stunted half the size of the other thumb. Her body though looked as if she was compacted from the sides her shouders we maybe 2 inches wider than her head. There I go rambling again. There is somewhat of a point.

Perhaps more people than show or realise have some level of a true "bio chemical" disorder of some sort, its just isn't ever triggered or they never feel it. I read yesterday that some 80% of patients with depression report to their doctors only physical symtoms such as headache and indigestion. They don't realise they are depressed. Then some people are more sensitive to their depression or other issues and may even wallow in it. The second the don't feel like they are living in a perfect happy ending hollywood movie they think they are severly depressed and they end up making them selves so.

The human mind is powerful and we can change the balance of chemicals and hormones in our body with our thoughts. Though very few people are able to do this. The miracle of positve thinking and vice versa. Perfect example, elderly couples one dies the other can be in excellent health but will die very soon after the death of their spouse. They choose to die, as not to be alone.

This is a long shot maybe your Mother subconciously is keeping herself ill so that you will have to take care of her, so that she wont lose her son, and be alone? If she is doing that she probably doesn't realise it, or want to.

I am glad things are looking up.




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