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Re: Wiring BarbaraCat

Posted by omega man on June 16, 2002, at 3:59:33

In reply to Wiring omega man, posted by BarbaraCat on June 15, 2002, at 23:59:52

Wow you got quite an interest..hope my novel whatevers...bear fruits of pleasure

- Do you mean like the usual copper elecrical wire and then you strip two ends of it to expose the copper threads?
Yeh thats it, except lately I tie two wires together so you rather than a stereo effect on the body its Quad. That is in each hand you have each end of single wire, and with two cables youre holding two ends in each end or as many as you want...
Have you seen an orgasmatron (seriously) based on the indian head massager...with a motor..its a similar effect except that its nots quite so overwhelming as that device (i made one).. I find my technique aids getting into a meditative state..

- Do you separate, or fan out, the individual wire strands?
no I don't cut the wire back that far for that to happen..I just cut it back a 3rd millimeter so it retains its breaking structure without the weakening that occurs if you strip it back to far.

- Do you penetrate the skin surface with them?
Its like a variable process..a stroking process better done while pre-occupied..and my aim is to reduce the crazy brain babbling of anxiety so its a short sharp shock treatment.....but I suffer from various problems immune lowness that have many fibromyalgia side symptoms..(no muscle fatigue.)

The reason I go on about electrical conductivity is that most of the time I just sit with the wire a fraction above the skin..not touching..but enough for you to feel your body current sizzling..on the tip of the wire to skin..only a good conductor works and for some reason only on wire that can break the skin (don't know why) ..but after a while I feel a build up of the sizzle climaxes and then stroke the pressure point...the nerves get highly sensitized...the body is highly tuned to when something is going to break the skin and its one of the obviously most vital reactions we have..the immune system is getting primed and thats what primarily is the response gotten.
Whats happening here is that youre playing with your nerves...much like sexual foreplay..but thats not always availible and not a very good remedy for chronic conditions (bit of a strain to expect anyone to be up for that half an hour everyday).

- What other contact points besides the bridge of the nose? And do you mean the surface between the eyes, or inside the nostrils?
Usually pressure accu points..temples..behind ears..inside the bridge of the nose near the corner of the eyes under the eyebrow....near lymph glands on neck or just plain finger pressure here, other good areas are inside knee and elbow joints with heated water bottles..but that is a bit too intense and not really electrical..or medititave..or sustainable for a day !!

- How long do you keep the contact and what should one expect to feel from it?
Really its how you feel..its something you figure out...with the wire youre not making contact really..most of the time youre playing with the nerves on these highly sensitive areas, with light circular motion, at the most light scraping, which should do no more than scrape dead skin..getting them prepped..and heated for what it reckons is getting cut...
Lately I've taken it to a higher stage...I can create the electrical body connection first by light contact and then "feel" myself drag current lines from my body by activiating the nerves in the pressure area and playing with the electrical field a foot or more from body point..which is getting into "psychic" areas ...its much healthier as you can involve more physical yogic type movements.

It started as self abuse and now has become something almost religious and very healing...
Strange eh ?




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