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Re: frustrated with therapy

Posted by katekite on May 29, 2002, at 8:41:13

In reply to Re: frustrated with therapy, posted by beardedlady on May 29, 2002, at 6:39:21

Hi Beardy,

Good luck getting a project going. I find sometimes too that somehow without me noticing all work has pretty much ground to a halt. There's inertia, but once you start it's not so bad.

I think we like the same kinds of therapists. I quit the last one because they were solely an "mm-hmmm," "I see" "how does that make you feel?" one.

I keep asking for homework but it doesn't come. The closest I've had is "chew on that idea".

He also 'sums up', at the end of every session, which I find really irritating.

I slept last night which was good... I feel less like firing him today...

I agree about the way I should deal with the medical stuff.

That last bit sounds a lot like me: I know how I feel. I feel how I feel intensely. I'm not scared of how I feel. I'm just not quite sure of how to cope with how I feel. So rehashing how I feel about everyone and everything is annoying, but practicing particular tips would be very helpful. A few sessions we have gotten into that but unfortunately we end up somehow with about 30 tips and I feel overwhelmed and practice half of them once and half not at all and then forget all of them. LOL.

So far you and sid have helped a lot:

1. don't expect him to be a friend or a doctor.
2. maybe ask again about homework, coping mechanisms, ask to not rehash how I feel as much.

LOL --- now this is an aside -- two times ago I was down in the dumps about my medical stuff and he recounted the following anecdote:

"I had a friend back when I was 20 who started having weird symptoms, not quite like yours but not that different either. She got a cat scan and it was negative. She tried to cope but things got worse. She got another cat scan and it was negative. She started really having emotional problems and was on a lot of medication. Finally her husband got involved and went to the doctors and demanded over and over she get another cat scan. They finally gave in and did another cat scan. Turned out that last one showed the tumor, which had grown by that point. She died not long after."

So my therapist's point was that one should keep bugging doctors until one is satisfied with the outcome, that things really do go wrong.

But really, that anecdote? I wasn't worried about brain tumors before.... LOL. Not helping. He's not helping!!

Well anyways, thanks for your advice. I will try to put it to work.

Right now I have to go play tennis -- part of my drive to get back on top of exercising.





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