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Re: ww3

Posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2023, at 19:47:53

In reply to ww3, posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2023, at 19:41:02

the governments used to put up a bit of a pretense about trading people.

they would tell their people some lie about how we need to get them before they get us... ship their people off (without guns, without shoes etc) to go die on enemy land. hand them over to their prison or death camps.

but new zealand used to have prison camps in new zealadn land for people from new zealand.

i don't know how many were just walked of the plank or sunk out at sea.

population control. herd management.

it seems more... humane? to do it one at a time. just take tehm out opportunistically if they present to hospital or whatever. kill 'em if you can.

but it sort of gets to the point where the university students start placing bets on who, from their residential hall, is going to die, by the end of orientation week... because they think it likely that someone from their hall will die.. one student out of every 250? Eliminated by the end of week one??

the death rate is not that high... is it maybe 1 from each of the NZ universiteis? One per year across the whole country? 1 death by the end of week 1? I wonder what it is, in fact.

i wonder how many honorary degrees they hand out.

my brother was granted one honorary. i mean he died literally within a few months of his having completed his courses. when it would have been qualfied with his degree. they literatlly read his name out at graduation as having received it on an honorary basis since he died already.

i don't know how many of those there are.

they will never pay him a graduate salary or wage.

now the governments go to work creating refugees of their own people. getting them moving moving moving fires and floods and so on...

that way they are kept too busy with the most basic of basics to see how corrupt and morally bankrupt the 'leaders' are.

the biggest bullies.

the only game in town.




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