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handpicked because of criminality

Posted by alexandra_k on January 30, 2023, at 19:36:29

In reply to Re: They're all going to jail!, posted by sigismund on January 7, 2023, at 0:07:43

i think it's a pre-requisite.

australia processes the visa applications to new zealand.

sends us slaves and criminals. thinks it's funny.

i think that most employers do not supply references to their employees. because they don't want their employees going on to other things... why would they write them a nice reference unless they were terrible at their job and they can't wait to get rid of them?

i mean it isn't like they have internal conscience or sense of doing the right thing of anything like that... it's all soooo competitive.

so then people write themselves references and put other people's name on them. pretend to be their employer. so that they are the ones on the phone rather than their employer. they are the ones at the end of the email.

the universities aren't acknowledging qualifications either.

so people have to fake qualifications. Even if (especially if) they actually have done the work for them.

so people have fake qualifications and fake references. otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to migrate as 'skilled worker'

then, once they get here. when it's tiem to pay tehm they expose them. so they can leave (visa gone away now) voluntarily or they can go to prison.

bad people are here.


i don't suppose the usa is any different. i guess the ideology comes from there.

was it 1/4 of the population of RI they think may be undocumented migrants. people without usa bank accounts, drivers lisences etc.

there was a federal psych prison 'hospital' too. with ligature hazards etc. where you put people and feed them LSD then accuse them of being delusional therefore keep them in sensory deprivation conditions in rooms with known ligature hazards.

real, uh... desirable place to go...

various people need to be induced, in various ways, to work in such prison camp detention facilties.

i guess that was what the stanford prison experimetn was about, really.

how the USA government could induce or train university populations of workers to treat people badly and maybe even arrange their untimely death or dismemberment or both or whatever... regardless of whether or not the people who were the 'victims' or 'underclass' or 'detainees' or whatevr were guilty of a crime or not.

just because they would be getting away with it.

the Ukraine is going on about prosecuting war crimes.

so now there is a mad rush to document far too many war crimes than can be prosecuted.

mad rush to computer generate, even, tons and tons and tons of accusations.

so that people can go 'hahahahahha we can do whatever we want because we want because we are getting away with it'

you know. because so many people won't be happy until it's total war and the annihiliation of us all.




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