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Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:31:22

In reply to and it would have f*ck*ng killed them..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:57:22

that's what public health is.


they treat us like animals... so we can live free to be animals. apparently.

something like that.

people with HIV aren't contagious until they develop AIDs. right?

that's how disease works. right?

people with syphilis? if they pass the look-see test and the smell-test. then they can't make others sick. right?

that's how come my being vaccinated is any of your business. because if my being vaccinated prevents me looking sick to you... then you can't get sick from me. right?

vaccination keeps down the viral load of the individual. they say. they say that that's why my being vaccinated is any of your business. because if i am vaccinated i will carry less of the virus than i would if i wasn't vaccinated.

and the evidence for that is to be found...



and (even more to the point) was the evidence for that to be found BEFORE politicians started saying that people didn't have the right to anything unless they voluntarily consented to being vaccinated?

so the government takes away teh health system.
chooses not to pay trained people.
chooses not to train people who pay.
chooses not to hand out application to enrol forms.

chooses to not do any of the things it's supposed to.
chooses not to provide any services.
chooses not to supply funding for supply of services.

that government...

it isn't enough to not supply any services...

it then needs to reduce demand for services.

it needs to get the people not demanding services.

just stay home and die in your beds people. no services for you. nada. no health. no education. nothing. zip. no police. no fire. no law. nothing. zip. zilch. zero. nothing.

you go.... all the things the government is supposed to do or supply...

what were they were supposed to do again?

sqabble and squawk... public dancing... holding mass spreader events. i mean mass vaccination events. i mean mass spreader events. i mean barbecues and coffeee and take your masks off mass spreader events...

what the f*ck is going on?




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