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Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:01:58

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:21:35

i am starting a website. it is genuinely difficult. i sort of have tried to start a blog over the years, but that is not for me. i need an actual website. an academic one. with my academic research on it. the work that i have done. because the nz government won't acknowledge me or credit me or whatever because it is all about valuing compliance and the sucking up that goes along with that.

i didn't realise, before, about what a big deal it was about my grandfather being imprisoned for pacifism. i also didn't realise about the methodist church and the threat that the government perceives from that.

we don't have psychiatrists in new zealand.

we don't have medical specialist doctors.

or if we do have any of these things they are very few and far between. i imagine that any medical speciality where we have a 'new zealand association of xxx' means that we do not have medical specialists of that speciality. that is to say we are refusing to comply with internationally accepted standards. we are trying to conceal that by writing our own standards. we are trying to conceal the fact that the new zealand government will not allow medical specialists to do their job here by pretending to have it's own system of accreditation.

a system which involves us intentionally seeking out people who have been struck off foreign registers for malpractice... or people who have paid bribes or engaged in dishonest practice (indicating they are likely to be very compliant with the nz government directive)... or people who lied about their international qualifications. or engaged in identity theft etc etc.

we seek out, particularly, people from non-english speaking medical schools it seems... places where it is easier for people to lie about qualifications and so on...

then they arrive in new zealand... often accepted into a PhD programme. they do a PhD research project... and that gives the NZ universities and hospitals time to assess how compliant they will be about the way things are in the new zealand hospitals...

if things go swimmingly in the sense that they... well, i don't know how much money they need to pay into the new zealand system and just how corrupt they need to demonstrate that they are willing to be...

then they will be pronounced specialist. that's how we get psychiatrists. that's how we get radiologists. apparently. that was the plan. apparently. then if that goes swimmingly... i guess they can tell some nz medical graduate 'congrats! you have been accepted for a match into a new zealand specialist training programme!' where the person is then taught by the former to do the same thing again... trying to get a whole work-force (so to speak) of imposters... doing the bidding of the new zealand government...

so it looks like we have medical doctors. who are cheap. who can pronounce 'awwwww' and 'there there feel better' to members of the public who have the audacity to present for help to the new zealand government.

i mean... how badly do you have to abuse the people before they get the message: there is no help. go live in the basement of the high paid government employees. who sucked up sucked up sucked up so they get paid enough to lord it all over others who are kept as slaves. if you don't like it you should work on your sucking up.


so... the Timaru psychiatry thing might be about getting a psychiatrist into the hospital. don't know how long it has been...

that there was a psychiatrist anywhere near that hospital i mean to say.


things are coming to a head that's for sure.


i know i need to be careful...

i am not afraid. in one sense. i have been treated pretty badly at various points over the years and in one sense i am not afraid. i don't mean that as a challenge.


i am not very good at diplomacy. being dis-arming. never have been very good at it. it might be thought to be a virtue in some settings. where honesty and forthrightness are valued. what most people would want from their doctor. but the government won't allow it.

the government won't allow it in any setting.

the government won't allow people to say, honestly, what kind of a housing set up or situation they want to live in. they have decided already that various people are to be forced to live in situations or circumstances not of their choosing. it says that it is because there is not enough to go around (there are not enoguh million dollar houses in particular suburbs) but the government refuses to listen that not everybody wants to live in a large house in those suburbs. but the government won't listen to that because of course everybody does -- everybody is required to want that because that's what's driving up the housing prices...

therefore some people must live as slaves in other people's basements.



the squabbling sqawking etc etc etc...

apparently the problem is that tertiary education is supposed to be... 3 years for an undergrad degree, 1 year for honours, 3 years for PhD (with 1 year of assessment / required changes) and that means the whole goal or aim in life is to make PhD when you are 25.

and if you don't do well enough in undergrad to proceed to honors... you can do a 2 year masters and if you do well enough then proceed to PhD. but it's a slower pathway. because you aren't as bright or because you didn't work as hard. or similar. that's the thing of it.

and if you did well enoguh in honors then you were expected to progress...


and instead of them thinking that it would be a good idea to be honest and forthright about that.... various people (the academically curious ones) would often say they didn't feel ready to write a thesis, yet, because they were acutely aware of how much they didn't know about various things...

and the uni should have said that learning is a lifelong process. but the aim of uni was to progress through and complete the PhD and then maybe one would be employed with teh uni. so the uni would pay you. and you could take additional courses with the uni once you were working for the uni on payroll.

but instead the uni treated these people like they were intellectually retarded and set about branding them as so.

because they didn't grub their way up the money tree...

they got them doing all the work for no credit and no pay either.




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