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Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:21:35

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:16:04

so leaders of China, USA, Australia, England, Taiwan are meeting on Taiwan. Doing military training exercises in the region. maybe to divert attention from someplace else like off the coast of Pakistan...

it is frightening, here, what the mini-hate (ministry of health) is up to.

they are saying only around 100 new zealanders can have exemptions from vaccine on medical grounds. that's according to the government mini-hate records. because, you know, the government keeps accurate health records. (not). from the accurate information they get from the DHB's (not).

the thing of it seems to be that they think 'leadership' is about people with the power / authority to bully people into doing what the government wants.

that's what they were up to with sitting in on the group work in POPLHLTH101. they were interested in seeing who got their way in the face of initial ambivalence or dissent. whose opinion or idea became the one that the group put forward as the groups and how amenable that person was to copy-pasting the ideas that were given to them and having those ideas accepted by others as the party line. arbitrary ideas, often. to test about compliance.

that's what they want the medical doctors and all the experts to be. all the people identified as 'experts' by the government. the con-municators. the ones who get air-time. acknowledgement. they are people carefully selected to get the people to comply.

the government is doing business with gangs for sure. i'ts about supply of drugs to populations, i suppose. and seems that there is really rather a lot to it when it comes to them putting gangsters in certain communities precisely with the attention that they assert themselves as leaders of those communities... i mean to say they establish (in vulnerable communities) a noisy house where there is constant music / partying so as to attract the kids... to raise them up in a drug and gang sort of culture. so that they make a living from the gang (and doing their bidding). play their part in prositution or whatever. don't ask the government for assistance. don't have legitimate jobs. criminals. or... you know how it is... standing outside the nightclubs just waiting for john key so you will do whatever he says anything anything anything at all for a measly twenty-five bucks.


so... the government is not at all fond of the democratisation of knowledge. they don't like / accept / allow people doing their own research or making their own decisions. they think they know best. they treat the people as stupid children. they are prepared to sacrifice individuals quite inhumanely for the mob. they treat the people the way that farmers treat their meat or milk animals. as expendible. replaceable. worth more dead than alive, often. of most value when young and only a liability later. they treat their people as race horses who are bred and trained to peak at 2 years old... to be turned into dog meat at 5 years of age because they are 'past it' (that is to say deemed 'past it' when they are mature enough to start being trained for something like dressage).

that's the stage of development.


that's the danger / percieved threat from the government of the methodist church.

because of the 'good news' bible. it's about the individual people having their very own book that they can read themselves in their own time at their own pace. they can read it for themselves. they aren't required to go to church and listen to a pastor tell them some blend that they don't know of reading from the bible and interpreting it idiocyncratically and simply making stuff up. they can read the bible for themselves.

because the relationship between a person and god was personal. it wasn't something where the person had to do what the pastor or clergyman said when they said because they said. because the pastor or clergyman did not have special authority when it came to whether someone was or wasn't acceptable in gods eyes and sucking up to the pastor or clergyman would make no difference in the eyes of god...

the pastor or clergyman was... one voice. who studied and contemplated and so on... who may be helpful... but was not a commander or dictator of gods will. or... the will of the government.

the government doesn't like that, in new zealand. it really doesn't like the fact that the methodist ministers don't take their job to be telling their congregation that they are to do what the nz government wants when the nz government wants because that is the will of god and if they don't comply with the nz government then they go to hell and so on. that's what the government expects and requires of anyone they acknowledge as expert.


who are these government people who decide what the government party-line is to be? how do you get to be part of deciding?

i mean...

my thing is...

sometimes... it is perfectly possible that rational people disagree. so in those circumstances let the people decide. but our government doesn't agree with that.

the things they are saying about why people are required to be forced to take a covid vaccine don't make sense. i mean to say the politicians contradict themselves and / or demonstrate their lack of understanding of vaccines etc. but of course they are puppet pieces for ministry directive.

i think there are a relatively few senior ministry people who decide. and what training do they have? or, how do you get those jobs? you suck up. for many many many years. how do you do that? well you need to be a person who is motivated and incentivised by having other people suck up to you. so you suck up to someone... and then they put you in charge of people who suck up to you. and the more you suck up to them over more and more years the more they will give you command of an army of 'yes sir yes sir anything you say sirs'. because you have been given various powers to take their things away.

seems to be the thing of it.

it's soooooooooooo competitive.

if you can't rule with love then rule with fear and hate.

people aren't allowed to learn and work from love and curiosity with a sense or meaning and purpose and value... they are required to (or it is demanded that they do not) from fear. forced compliance.

taking one for the team, apparently. because a persons actions do not just affect them. they affect other people's too.

the whole thing about forcing vaccine compliance...

the things they say about why it is justified...

sounds like a 18 year old boy trying to psychologically pressure a reluctant girl into having sex with him. her decision isn't just about her... he's in physical pain, you see. he has needs, you see. she is selfish, you see. she is selfish if she doesn't comply. and she is required to comply. voluntarily. of her own choosing. she has attained the age of consent -- right? that meanas she is requierd to consent. right. that's what voluntary consent means. it's like voluntary conscription. you are drafted once you are eligible for certain things.

euthanasia drugs... whether you are dead or alive doesn't just affect you it affects other people to. pressure... to take one for the team and die. you are just taking up space in teh old folks home. the government did not pay you enough for you to have accumulated wealth or savings or investments to support you in your old age. the government took all of your stuff. refused to allow you to contribute. refused to pay you for hte work you did and the contribution you made. and now it's time to die. the government doesn't want to pay someone to wipe your *ss or turn you over or feed you or clothe you. so it's time to voluntarily sign the form for your euthanasia drug. it's time to go. you selfish person. time to die.

the government is in fact on a slippery slope. i mean to say it's pretty much there already. they were just more quiet about it before. they are bolder now.


they are on the cusp of being more honest.

when i was forced to stay in the psychiatric hospital last year under the mental health act with status 'voluntary' which meant the door was locked and i wasn't allowed to go all 'voluntary' like...

the more secure ward was called the 'psychiatric icu'. how many beds are there in the 'psychiatric icu'? 14? is the government... recording them as icu beds? as in 'when the Covid comes this is our icu capacity'?

likely. yes.

that is to say we don't have icu beds. we redefined them to hide that fact.

i don't think that icu specialists can function in our hospitals. the government won't pay them, you see. i imagine they are things that are only staffed or stocked 'upon request' where that is from a mini-hate order, or similar. for the most part most people are simply left to die. because the government won't pay people to keep them alive. because the government is rather more interested in having people die, anyway. because the government does not value the bulk of the people, at all.

i don't think we have the capacity to train icu nurses. i think that st johns can do advanced life support training in the form of day-long or maybe week-long training sessions... and that's what they do. ambulatory care etc. i think that's the only level of training that there is in nz, really. that is to say, i don't think we have the capacity to train icu nurses at all.

the government is saying we don't have time. it takes 4 years to train a nurse to be an icu nurse. but they aren't saying...

that nz doesn't have the capacity to train icu nurses. because the people who are trained and accredited to do so say 'i can't function in your hospital. you don't have the things i need to do my job / you won't listen to me when i tell you the things i need to do my job / you won't let me do my job'.


midwives are saying they are not going to get vaccinated - which leaves regions without midwives. midwives were the cheaper alternative to general practitioners. general practitioners were the cheaper alternative to obgyn. healthcare assistants will be the cheaper alternative to midwives, next.

taking the babies that pop out and not documenting them... selling them for their organs to wealthy people to be shipped out of Texas?

maybe that's the grand plan for how the government will get a rather large injection of money?


now that i've said it i don't suppose they will feel they have to keep that all hush hush anymore.




all held to ransom by the stupidity of the f*ck*ng government.




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