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Re: think of the investment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:36:41

In reply to Re: think of the investment..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:25:23


china is 'getting around to' taking responsibility for Taiwan.

is that how it goes?

china is.. 'getting around to' distributing federal funds in that direction?

does that seem or sound legit.


china is getting on so well with the US that it has trade-deals with the US for various land-based defense so that the mainland of china is defended by land missiles on an outpost called Taiwan.

of course relations between china and US are not good... right.. sure.. and US is giving Taiwan missiles to point at mainland China and not at threats from further afar. sure. totally. completly. doesn't that just SOUND really really legitimate?

doesn't it sound legit?

where are the unlawful boat people coming from... to many to process... too many to assimilate in such a way as to uphold the standard of life and the way of life that was sought out in the first place...

Malaysia. Right. Indonesia... Paupa New Ginuea... Various places from around there...

Nobody wants Maaori contributing to the boat-people problem. Getting up and leaving for a better life. Because local governments are too corrupt. Keeping forced slaves and so on. Refusing to share the wealth around.

Greedy grubs ruining things for us all.


It presently is not the case that it is perceived that torturing an innocent child solely for fun is wrong.

that's the level of deprativity and deprivation.


and nobody is allowed to help.

didn't you know... there are more people with capacity than there are available places in any programme. any programme. any programme at all.

people are entirely expendible.


and lets' start on the long list of things that we do not have..

we do not have.

we do not have.

nobody is allowed.

everybody stop.

and get back to singing the praises of the administration!

physicists must be diverted to presenting A3 graphs of how if you do not comply with government directive then die! die! die!

they go quite mad with power near the end of the second term.

there is no alternative. the adminstration does not change.

and australia will not step up.


china says it could take Taiwan today... but it would be cheaper to take it later.


because stepping up is a responsibility. Australia doesn't want to do anything now about the continual lack of investment that there has been in NZL.

lack of federal court input. lack of training for everyone from police to.. everything. everything...

third class australians. right.

look at how they treat the bonded medical studnets in australia.

because why?

because they think that certain populations are burdens. expendible.

because there are too many...

too many with capacity...

then explain again why australia does not have. does not have. does not have.

not enough people? is that the problem?

not enough of the right people. not enoguh of the people with capacity.

what about those people?

nononononononono those people are never allowed to function.

exterminate them!

bring me more people!

australia does nto have.. does not have...

turns out there are not more capable people... and dturns out cannot identify it when it hits it across the f*ck*ng head. can't do it. won't do it. can't do it. won't do it.

exterminate! exterminate! exterminate!

start over with less knowledge and more compliance.

yes. that will fix it. sure. f*ck*ng genuious i swear.




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