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think of the investment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:19:23

In reply to torturing an innocent child solely for fun, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:03:04

i mean think of the investment of everything that has gone into it...

they have a published algorithm as to how they will rank candidates and they will offer places on the basis of rank order score.

and they just refuse to do that.

and nobody seems to have any problems with that. nobody seems to have problems with them just doing whatever they want.

i mean... every single step of the way all people have done is close ranks around their right to do whatever they want. nobody has supported my side at all.

that is to say... the administrator was only interested in defending the university's position. the dean would not admit that they calculated my GPA in a way that was not in accordance with the algorithm. the various members the way up the university hierarchy. at no point did they go 'oh, gee, we made a mistake. we should fix that. sorry. sorry about inconvenience to you'.

they refused to do that.

i must be crazy then. i must be crazy that they made a mistake. that must be it. it must be my crazy. next time i present for healthcare they will take me into a single room with a sharp in my arm (hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping i'll take up the opportunity and kill myself -- right. hoping and hoping)... maybe next time they'll just murder me and call it a suicide.


soooooooooooooooo competitive.

it's in the education act that domestic adults are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they've applied to.

so the university will not give applications to domesetic adults. they say 'no point you applying becuase we aren't going to pick you'.

that is to say they are not processing any of teh applications properly.

who wants to murder and rape and torture in the nz hospitals with impunity???

why else would anybody want to come to new zealand?




the detention camp of the world.

australia gets a kick out of it. right.


new zealanders laugh at aussie for being a penal colony but whose the penal colony now / really.

australia decides which of the asylum seekers etc etc get shipped to nzl.

started revoking or rescining aussie citizenship forcing terrorists to be confined to nzl

see how that works?

new zealanders. third class australians.


australia can't make vaccines. i mean to say they can follow the recepie on manufacturing but the people with the capacity to invent vaccines can't function in australia.

australia can't make nuclear things... plants. submarines. the people wlith the capacity to invent those things can't function in australia.

australia can't make...

there are various tings.



various tings...

australia can't have. becuase they aren't capable / willing / able to identify those with capacity... and... allow them to do the things they are capable of.

nononononononono we are all held hostage by the stupid children of the wealthy elite. wanting to take up all the money and play their stupid games.


that's not how it is?

what's the problem, then...

opportunity cost.. it isn't about not being as good as you can be (though that is a travesty)... it is a bou being prevented and prohibited from being at all..

now now settle down third class auastralian.. working 3x 4x 10x as hard as everyone else for 1/3 or 1/4 or 1/10 at much.

how about for nothing nothing nothing at all.

good job australia. love what you have done with the place.

bullied to death.

a world *worth* living in. similar.

nothing here. nobody home.

slooooow dooooooown. sloooooooow dooooooown. accept less.. and less and less and less and less and less and less and less and less.

let's ask them page one what gender they are and ask them questions with 'math' in the descripton.

because we don't follow along the established literature?

no. because we are psychopaths. trying to take advantage of any of the kids who weren't raised hearing 'you win all the things all the things you win all the things' (e.g., their very own children). always trying to exploit.

there is a..

what is it...

what happened whereby the UMAT went away to be replaced by the UCAT.

things are not good for many in England... I understand that. I do.


England has nuclear submarines.

so they must be doing more in the way of furthering those with capacity.

nobody home down here. you are welcome.

oh please. help yourself to all mhy stuff. oh just take it.

and dwhat i could have contributed being part of a team who had got with the programme...


there isn't one. hey. not so far as they can help...

not so far as i can see...

look at the fruits of their labours...




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