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Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:51:11

In reply to Re: Australia and China, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:33:43

it's the sleight of hand.

they pinch you on the back of one hand so there's a bit of a sharp sensation that attracts your attention so you don't feel the iv line go into the other hand you don't notice what is happening until it is done.

they tell you that 90 per cent of the people are vaccinated. all of the people are vaccinated. if you aren't vaccinated you are an anti-vacc-er and everybody hates you you are responsible for the lockdown. you are a low class prostitute who hangs out with gangs spreader of filth and disease live in of emergency accommmodation filthy nasty...

it's about diverting attention.

Taiwan and China. It's a sleight of hand. it's about diverting attention.

gargage garbage garbage carrots cabbages potatoes garbage garbage garbage garble garbage garbage. 13. 12. 24. 95. soooooooooo competitive. aaaaaaanyting i sayyyyyyy. if only you followed instructions! if only you kept your mouth shut you could have ridden your bicycle at home where nobody sees you race!!!! if only you did what we said! you did what we said! aw you lose! sooooooooooo competitive. 15 93 75. big robbins. you can't do it becuase you can't recite big robbins backwards with last's anatomy every second word of the third sentance giving you a code on whether it's c or a... or not d therefore anything anything anything i like..

give up and go away!!!

rawk rawk rawk!!!! scream the dementors.

just accept that there's nothing... everyone else is vaccinated. everyone other than you...

rawk rawk rawk!!!

you and whose army?

your facebookk army??

where is your arsebook face??? your arsebook face??

it's all garbage garbage garbage sig.

garbage garbage garbage.

the kids don't even have to sit the exams anymore. they just put them on payroll. that's the thing of it.

they go 'the wizard of christchurch was on $16,000 per year and now we aren't goign to pay him and he'll keep doing it for free anyway' to divert attention frof the likely fact that the kids of the wealthy elite are on, like $200,000 a year to... go skiiing i suppose.

making iup numbers so they can say they hire 3 full time psychiatrists.

they are on payroll i'm sure.

to never set foot in the hospital. or only when they turn up to collect up the medical supplies. so they can traffic them to the gangs for distribution... pack them up for shipping to wealthy leaders oveseas.. though really i don't know that our shipments get here, at all. why would they?

why wouldn't they just send us saline?

it isn't like anyone signed a covid informed consent form.

did they?

i wasn't offered one.

did you get one?

well... i'm garbage garbage garbage. just curl up and die garbage garbage garbage. they won't even give me degrees for the workd i've done. money for the work i've done.

garbage garbage garbage.

i'm mentally retarded IHC. didn't you know. can't you tell. no application forms for anything for me.

the application forms don't make sense.

but it's not polite to say.

it's not polite to point ouf that being 'detained under the mental health act status involuntary' beings being unlawfully detained.

garbage garbage garbage.

say teh supreme courts of nz. do they? go on then... stand up.. tell it to the UN supreme court of nz.

garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage 45 83 22. garbage garbage garbage.

well call me branded then!!! maimed. by the nz government. hahahhahahahhahahahah better luck never!!!! hahahahhahhahahaha scream the dementors.

they have tastes for abusing the children. far far far (far far) youunger than me.

what's average life expectancy of the garbage these days anyway.


i mean winston peters wins the life game. right. he gets allllllllllllll teh life. alllllllllllll the life. he wins the competititon of allllllllllll of the life. everyone else can be born after him and die before him because he gets allllll of the life.

garbage land.


i think the whole Taiwan / China thing is garbage.

garbage garbage garbage.


why... garbage. some more garbage.


i am not sure what i am to do.

i guess i write to the UN.

at which point they do nothing. right. because that's what nz wants to teach me...

when a nazi hands you a gun adn says 'shoot this person or i'll shoot you' you say 'awwwwwwwwwwww can i shoot more than one?'

that's the appropriate answer.

no? no. you conceal your true emotion and pretend to be reluctant.

just following orders (te hee te hee te hee long live the present administration)




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