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Re: Australia and China

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:33:43

In reply to Re: Australia and China, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:07:13

and it actually makes sense of a whole heap.

my uncle immigrated to australia when he was very young. without a passport. because you didn't need to have a passport to travel between NZ and Australia. are we talking 50 years ago??

Why not?

because it's inter-state travel and you don't need a passport to travel inter-state.

that makes the best sense of it.

australians can apply for NZ government student loans. australians who don't get into universities in australia can come to NZ and enrol in the NZ universities with NZ government studnet loans.

but NZ citizens can't get Aussie student loans... NZ citizens are regarded as 'local' for certain courses... PhD... for certain courses... the 'low value' ones that the Aussies don't want to do... Of course...

but it actually makes more sense of that, too.

and that the way of understanding it is that Aussie doesnt' want to give NZ federal funds unless it really really has to. NZ is a f*ck*ng liability. Start trying to do consensus building or getting the f*ck*ng programme on anything at all in this country and 100 years later you'll still be squabbling in the f*ck*ng swampy swamp.

no federal funding.

no compliance. no building compliance. no staffing level compliance. no medical supplies. no compliance. no money. no spending the money on what the money was supposed to be spent on.

Mike someone with councellors ready to go. nonononononono the government won't acknkowledge Master of COuncelling Qualifications anymore. nonononononono the government will give the money to the gangs so thehy can teach the maaori how to cheat their meth test to get time off their jail sentance for bashing their wives and their children so they can get back to their families... so we can justify taking their children and puttin gthem in state care and abusing them there... so we can take their children and give them to white families. raise them white with all the maaori scholarship funding so thehy can win win win the competition of who is the most competitive medical studnet to go and get consent for people signign tehir... hearts away. yes? if you find me in a prone position... take my heart. go ahead. give it someone white.... go ahead...


that's not how it is?

i think the government is pretty blindingly blattently obvious that that's how it f*ck*ng is.

what are you going to do about it rawk !!! rawk!!! you and whose f*ck*ng army rawk!!!! rawk!!!! rawk!!!

scream the demented.

oh yes oh yes they do.

freeeeee australia indeed.

the fake news.

narcissistic word salad and gaslighting.

come on supreme court of new zealand. let's see you do you with the whole justice thing...

come on supreme court of new zealand...


can't do. won't do. nothing to see, here.

they made it hell on earth. that was their aspirational goal.

all you can say really is well f*ck*ng done. yay you.

people voluntarily chose to have kids?

no. they were forced to. of course.

that's the way of it.

highest rates of suicide i mean murdered at the hands of the state i mean murdered at the hands of the state i mean murdered at the hands of the state.

nothing to see here.

it's soooooooo coompetitive.

sooooooo competitive that the people will do anything john key says for $25 if he stands outside a night club. he speaks from experience, of course.

important to remember what is all about




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