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Re: afganastan

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 17:17:47

In reply to Re: afganastan, posted by sigismund on August 22, 2021, at 16:35:47


you learn everything you need to know about a person when you see how they treat those who they think they can treat however they want (with impunity).

that's where people don't get privacy, eh. in how they treat those who they think... they can get away with treating badly.

you have to particularly watch out for the kinds of people who arrange for puppies (say) to be abused and / or kept in conditions of deprivation... so that they can themselves ride in on a big white horse and have for themselves something that is forever adoring and grateful.

those are the worst of the offenders, i think.

people who surround themselves with loyal... attack dogs. who will die for them out of devotion. because of the early circumstances they set up for deprivation and abuse.

there is an awful lot of that about in the world.

people who like to work with / 'help' (helping me helping me helping me help myself to you) people they perceive to be vulnerable.


i didn't realise that the troops being withdrawn from Afghanastan was something that was promised to happen, to a timeline. 20 years ago.

they are saying, now, that the troops left and the Taliban took control much earlier than they had supposed...

but the troops are late -- right?

The withdrawal of all US troops.. did not occur by the deadline.

And people have had years to plan their out.


NZL just offloaded a 'family' of 16, apparently, only some of which had visas.

Harboring unlawful's already..


Not a fit for purpose, purpose built quarantine facility in the entire country.




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