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they are required to train me.

Posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 17:34:08

In reply to afganastan, posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 17:26:08

they are required to enrol me in the degree.
they are required to honor and uphold the f*ck*ng contract.
they are required to hire people capable of teaching.
they are required to provide conditions such that they are capable of teaching.
(that included adequate assessment conditions so that people can work to international standards. not local standards of 'we force you to plagarise and commit atrocities on innocents so you will be branded as undesirable to any developed nation otherwise we will fail you out of your new zealand universities degree'.)


detention camp island.

that's all this country is.

because it refuses to allow it's people to get an education.

it refuses to uphold the most basic of human rights.

it does not honor it's contracts.

good people (good nations) cannot do business with new zealand.


Apparently last tiem the taliban came things were initially good...

they did something about corruption.

they provided physical safety or security.

that enabled good business to thrive.


but then... something was off with the balance of power.
and things were too... strict. too restrictive on the people.


nzl needs to do sometihng about corruption and internal security.
the number of people being smashed in the back of the head blindsided.
the police don't prosecute even when there is security camera footage of the offenders.
the judges don't prosecute. they give them 'home detention'.

new zealand doesn't.

so the whole island is quarantined. do not travel. cannot do business.


want to visit new zealand?

you can get smashed in the back of a head or blown up in a volcano eruption...

and then you will get to experience the medical workforce first hand.

the cheapest doctors in the world (tehy pay us we don't pay tehm)

all for othe privaledge of doing whatever they want to you -- with impunity.

then they get to tell the future generations all the stories of their atrocities... 'the things yuo can do with impunity if you pay me enough and i choose you oh very special child made in my image'




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