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Posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2021, at 16:46:51

so... i don't really know anything about this one, either.

retaliation for the twin towers... or something like that. because the people needed something to... do... otherwise there would have been all kinds of riots back home, i suppose. because the united states is... well... fragile. with respect to how united it is. that's why so much goes into the propaganda of how the united states stands in such solidarity. nationalism. trying to keep it together. in a. uh. relatively concrete. emotion stirring... uh... kind of a way. an energy to be funneled into... productivity. if all goes well.


so seems that the US knew it should really get out of there, for quite a while. but cries from people about how bad things would be if they were to leave and please stay and help us... or whatever. so... things dragged out. and getting the solidiers and the like out of there was never going to be easy. the've been in there for 20 years. that's enough time for people deployed over there to... have families over there. become really quite properly integrated. have kids. etc.

nzl wasn't going to do anything... so we've been told that we will take refugees. people deemed to have been developed a way of life dependent on the nzl military presence over there. and no, we won't be taking young guys wanting to abandon their families over there so they can start life anew someplace else... they bring their families. but not their elderly dependents. they can die in afganastan. we won't want 'em. noppers. but we will happily take the children. of course. to feed to our public schools.

anyway... our refugees will be processed overseas. in australia, i guess. and they'll give us the 'high value' workers that we want so desperately (but won't pay a proper wage to) the tractor drivers and the cleaners etc.

of course if they are independently wealthy then they can become orthopdedic surgeons or whatever and bang ill-fitting nails and screws and the like into peoples bones in the name of 'helping'. leave them there perminenetly. the shrapnel of the injury they caused. so very very very much worse than the actual injury (that would have healed itself much better without their intervention at all most likely). that seems to be the thing of it. everyone is agreed that life preserving care in our hospitals means a fair few need to not show up to work tomorrow.

i imagine it was part of the propaganda thing... about how bad the taliban is or was. i'm sure there are horror stories.

want to hear some horror stories of life in new zealand? I can share quite a few...

i'm sure everywhere has got some.

but the men in the photographs had trimmed beards. and the bible has quite a few prohibitions that are mostly (but always) interpreted as things that need not be practiced today...

i imagine people are afraid... 20 years.. you have adults in their mid-twenties who don't remember... and all the stories they've been told.

and despite all the stories that they've been told...

and despite all the power and force of the USA military...

the taliban swiftly moved to power as the troops announced they were getting out.


that sort of tells you what the people want.


it is progress. for the west.
progress in tolerance.
wearing face masks in public was a big deal.
the computers being able to id people with face masks was a big deal.
because there are all kinds of reasons and motivations for covering people's faces.
allowing athletes to wear. uh. clothes.
the females.

i saw women's pictures being whitewashed...
pictures of afgani women wearing western bridal gowns.
that's not quite a usa flag... but close...


colonialism... bringing the people democracy (whether they want it or not)...


nzl is quite the war-torn land.
it is in-fighting. a constant and continual fighting.
everyone is forced to fight
all the time.
fighting fighting fighting fighting fighting
for the basic needs.



meaningful work?
being paid for the work you have done?
any kind of recognitiion or acknowledgement at all for the work you have done?
processing the stuff? you know... processing the forms.. processing the applications... processing the completions...

anything? any of the products of civilisation?
anything at all?

fair pay for fair work?

anything? anything at all?

our people aren't allowed an education anymore.
it's a scramble where the only way to 'succeed' in it appears to be to cheat.
pay to win.
the cheaters are easily or readily identified.
but the government has decided or determined to make criminals of all of us.
so that the people of nzl will be branded or marked or maimed so as to be undesirable to any other people of the world.
so they will be able to keep slaves. hostages. indefinately.
cheap or free workers.

who wants to 'live the dream' come and be a cleaner in nzl?

drive a tractor?


not such a desirable life after all.

whoda thunk.

our refugees are being processed overseas. likely by australia. they'll likely send the ones they deem to high a security risk to keep in australia but the ones who gave up really rather a lot to support or help the australisan troops. so they'll send them here.

where they will never be able to leave.

i guess that's the grand plan of detention camp island and the like.

since the government refuses to do any of the most basic of things to help or protect it's people





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