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Re: an education in moral depravity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2021, at 3:57:28

In reply to Re: an education in moral depravity, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2021, at 3:47:55

they always say in their defence:

'well, I stepped up. and nobody else would step up'.

and the issue is...

other people realised / knew that they didn't have the knowledge / skills / supports that they needed to lead the way they would want to be led.

and so... they looked... and they applied for training positions overseas. because they wanted to learn more. and because they saw that they couldn't learn the things they wanted / needed to be good leaders if they stayed in nz and grubbily grub grub grubbed their way up the leadership totem pole hierarchy.

so many people left.

because they wanted...

to lead well.

to be able to lead from a position of...

knowlege. competence. strength.

where they didn't think they could acquire or develop or gain those things by...


staying and...

taking the money.

it would have been cheaper (aka more financially lucrative for me) if I had have chosen to apply to PhD (my honours grades would have guaranteed phd scholarship) and then completed my PhD from NZ. How long can they possibly make you take to complete 3 years FTE or EFTS of research work in fulfilment of degree regulations???? How long???? Until they are REQUIRED to get the f*ck*ng work to external examiners who get to go 'well now your supervisors didn't really know anything, didn't really teach you anything, didn't really help you in any way because they never never never never never want to sign you off and most especially never never never want to have to pay their slave'.


but it wasn't about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

grubby grub grub grub you PhD in the minimum possible time and $$$$$$$$$$$$

for what??????

and 10 years later and they still won't have signed you off...

and I didn't know how corrupt they were (refusing to sign off). I only knew: that they didn't have anything (worth knowing) to teach me...

so I went overseas in the pursuit of things worth knowing...

and then the fact that I was acceptable to overseas investors meant I was such that I was obviously or clearly destined to be hung on sight for my crimes in nz. my crime of being acceptable to overseas. because we only traffic in people who are unacceptable to overseas.

all (and only) the people struck off from every overseas accreditation authority. all and every overseas market.

it isn't about the money.

it's about everything else.

the hazard pay (the bribe payment the payoff) to turn a blind eye to...

we are supposed to believe the surgical team is too incompetent to ensure the removal or a surgical retractor during a surgical operation?

the competition for entry to med.
sign off for med.
entry to surgery.
sign off for surgery.

we lost a medical retractor hahahahhahhahaha stupid us.

(yeah right)




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