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paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:37:18

paying homage... paying homage... paying homage...

i'm trying to think about why it is that the new zealand government (the major employer of the new zealand people) sees fit to keep me living on scraps in the form of a 'disability benefit' for my disability that apparently means i am incapacitated from unable to not working full time.

that means i don't get access to healthcare (i get tresspassed when i ask for help or i get involuntarily detained in conditions of torture when i ask for help) i don't get enough for dental. i don't get enough to be able to wear clothing that i feel comfortable and myself in. i don't get a car or a motorbike for independent transport. i don't get... kiwisaver. no retirement fund for me. i'm not allowed to accumlate wealth or assets. anyting i accumulate means the government stops my weekly subsistence payments until it's gone and i'm destitute again...

this is how the new zealand government chooses to keep me.

i have a degree... with a very high GPA (no grade less than an A-) and i have honors and i have a masters degree that was a thesis that i completed over 2 years (as most new zealanders do) as they get people taking 2x the standard or normal time to complete masters research degrees.

there is some kind of a punishment thing tha tthey think they are entiteld to when studnets don't go from honors prompltly into PhD in new zealand.

a kind of 'you think you are better than us'.

because the aim is to complete the degree (teh PhD) as quickly as possible. so then you will have the qualification. so then you will get more money for a job. right?

but they say 'there aren't any jobs in nz for people with PhDs' and they are constantly trying to get you to stop work. stop work. stop work and drop out.

and you go... well... there are things i want to learn...

but no. you've learned enough to work the plantations.

you've learned enough to do what you are told when you are told because you are told.

you've learned enough to ensure that peple only learn the very most minimum on a needs to knnow basis...

that's it really.

and you see what little the leaders do know...

which wouldn't be so bad if you were allowed to contribute too.

i don't want to be leader. i've been claer about what i want to do...

but nonononononononooononononononoo

nothing fo ryou.

you are just a disabled little thing for us to abuse.

what are you going to do about it?

criminals. they are.

the government doesn't have IT security.

they didn't think to invest in it. they didn't see it coming.

they don't control the payroll.

so then it isn't the government of nz that is to blame for how they choose to keep me.

i imagine they think they are entitled for a whole bunch of reasons. the idea being that work is work and wouldn't be done without payment but when people won't work for payment (aren't incentiviesed to do what they are told for financial reward) then we are entitled to force them as slaves.

i'm forced to slave for the courts of new zealand because...

what are my options then?

i could start smashing peple with hammers for justice. then they'll lock me up.

they get sh*t work out of me.

of course.

its really sad. the opportunity cost. what they miss out on beuase they force people to be slaves.

they think they are entitled. they think they now best.

but they arne't. they are responsible for holding things back. preventing development. they are wrong that they know better than me how i best contribute to this world. there is NO EXCUSE for keepign slaves. none. nada. they don't know what is best at all.

they can't even manage themselves most of the time. they aren' thappy with choises they have made themselves most o fthe time. so they get busy busy busy controlling others.

new zealnad; nothing grows here. best place in the world to be pedophile or a bully. nothing is allowed to grow or unfold or develop. constantly micro-mismanaging. refusal to see or hear anything that runs contrary to views already decided upon reflexively and unthinkingly. everything must comply




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