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Re: First Dog

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 16:57:08

In reply to Re: First Dog, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 16:45:30

I mean... I would imagine that people would rather be leaders of a nation of happy healthy productive workers who are producing things that are valued all around the world...

I would imagine.

I would imagine that governments do think that it is a problem that there are people getting rich off of exploitation of others. That there is an appreciation of the expense to everyone else of mopping up after their activities. All the damage and harm and destruction to everyone else. The environment. The workers. The consumers. And so on...

But it is harder to regulate or control the local bullies who are locally present to make your life hell. If they think you have the power to change things to make things better for them. Or whatever.

You should have heard the lunatic raving screamings from a few of the property investors when the government of NZ introduced some of the most basic laws that have already been introduced every other developed nation. Capital gains tax and the like. Because people are paying over 90 per cent of their income to landlords to live in accommodations that often don't have kitchens or food storage spaces or heating or ventillation etc... Houses with visible mould the tenants can't keep on top of removing visible signs of. Houses rotting around them etc. Where landlords REFUSE to re-invest considerable profits in building upgrades because they are sitting on the land, mostly.

But they started screaming like the government was introducing laws that would literally result in Mum and Dad investors losing the heritable wealth totally undermining the entire economy of NZ rendering Mum and Dad destitute. Was the way they told the story. Stealing the retirement of middle-class New Zealanders.

The screamings mostly of a few investors with many buildings of properties... The slumlords. Yeah.

Easier for the Government to make a show of being forced to comply with international regulations.

To say 'there's nothing we can do to prevent progress / developlment for good'.

I suppose I see that the people they keep oppressed are the ones who aren't as vocal as the psychopaths. Something about the noisy wheel catches the grease.

It isn't that NZ is a culture of bullies though. It is criminal. WHen you aren't persuaded to comply by heavy handed psychological tactics then you see the lengths that people will go to to force compliance. And they are in fact criminals. IN their activities etc.

And the courts are starting to move in good directions now.... But for the longest tiem they found in favor of the bullies. Yes they did. They legitimated the biggest bullies. Never convicted white white collar criminals. Pedophiles particularly. Child abuse rings. Particularly. But there is no shortage of people who will abuse adults, too, if they are getting away with it. Partiuclarly in prisons and hospitals and the like.




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