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Re: First Dog

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 16:45:30

In reply to Re: First Dog, posted by sigismund on May 27, 2021, at 17:04:46

> In the last hundreds of years almost every falling power had to (chose to) take out the rising power.


we aren't getting better at sharing and getting along? co-existing? living and letting live? co-operation?

i am thinking that 'trade sanctions' and the... pretense. pretense of conflict and war. if that is some kind of a... communications device. to the people. so they feel a sense of understanding why some of their freedoms are restricted.

i mean... people want to do various things. keep slaves to produce goods they can get rich off of selling. things like that. producing massive volumes of goods for profits. and governments want to restrict people being allowed to do that. for various reasons. rights of the workers. pollution in the environment when the goods need to be disposed of. things like that.

so 'trade sanctions'. sort of... China can help Australia develop for good by withdrawing it's market for large volume of cheap wine. Australia couldn't pass laws or whatever to restrict people in Australia making the wine without repercussions from those people. But if the wine producers of Australia can blame the nasty Chinese for the threat of war that undermines their way of life (mass production of cheap wine as a lucrative thing to do) that's somehow... Easier. Or something.

So if these 'trade sanctions' -- sometimes sort of accompanied with threat of war or wahtever... Are really side-effects or similar of greater co-operation at the level of nations and governments. Ways of enabling or allowing things to improve so that a nation isn't held hostage to the short term interests of a few people who will get very very very very very upset if they think the government is stabotaging their way of life.

the dairy farmers of NZ. how to reduce the demand for NZ dairy so it isn't a lucrative export. for the good of the environment here and everywhere.

the mass production of cheap wine makers of Australia.

and so on...

the mass production of cheap (and disposable -- only 1 season out of them) cotton fabrics of china.

and so on.





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