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Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:30:51

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2021, at 22:58:49

i know my medical file notes are online.
i know the online system says when they were last accessed (by whose login) and when they were last altered (by whose login).

i know there will be the ability / capacity to see the state of the notes PRIOR TO legal action being threatened.

i know the district inspectors notes will be able to be retrieved from cloud storage and / or from her computer system with a system reset.


i know these things.

we will see if new zealand is too corrupt to require these individuals hand over the notes with clinicians taking responsibility for the notes they wrote with the clinical basis they stated. they can say whethehr the notes were in fact writen by themselves or someone else and whether they have been altered or not. they can say these things to the courts.

and it might be that new zealand government does not hold them responsible for the decisions that they made..

but it will be out there.

and i guess people can decide if they would let these people anywhere near anybody they actually care about. and then i suppose that.. fixes their fate in medicine. or something.

new zealand appears to be in teh process of withdrawing from internatioal obligations. because new zealand denies that it's people are people.

they broke the social contract.

they hire rapists and pedophiles and murderers and turn them loose on the people in the hospitals. so they pay them less. so they follow instrutions from managers and so on. ED nurses. who decide to punish people on arbitrary grounds. instruct the doctors to sign the forms... i see that there are in fact a few ED nurses who are used to running the show... who will make things unbearable for clinicians who don't comply with their directive. is see that.

why are they still there?

things are very very corrupt.

they think they can bully people into going away without care at all while spending the budget on themselves.

that's why.

the uppermost levels of adminsitration or management. I mean to say.

those ultimately respoinsible for hirings and firings.




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