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Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2021, at 22:58:49

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by sigismund on April 20, 2021, at 16:40:52


I know that New Zealand Universities give away their students intellectual property to 'Turnitin'. Which is really turning themselves in, that they would do that to their students, (require the studnets give up their intelletual property in exchange for their work to be graded). The University's are providing Turnitin with information about who is grading, whether they are blind grading, how long they take to grade, their grading comments, and the final grade.

I know that when I use Microsoft Word to write things that means Microsoft has administrator access to the content of my documents. I know that when I use Gmail to write things that means Google has administrator access to the content of my emails.

I imagine Dell... And Microsoft... Likely has the capability to view my screen as seen by me... At any point in history. I would imagine. I don't know why they would not build that capability into their machines.

I did not like it when you couldn't buy a computer... ANd keep it offline. Off the internet. Use it as a typewriter offline completely. I did not like it when you couldn't physically connect (LAN) a computer to a printer.

Every time I print I imagine Brother has all the content I'm printing.

I mean... Why wouldn't they?

I used to think that security online meant sssssssssssssssssssssssssssh.

But now I see the New Zealand Government and I think that the best security of all is screaming from the rooftops.

The more large corporations that have information on me

-- that I am not into child pornography. That i am not researching how to blow up parliament.

Etc etc etc...

The better things are likely to be / go for me.

The less likely it is that some branch of the NZ government will disappear me. I mean to say. Disappear me in a psychiataric ward. Seems to be what they have been threatening to me lately.

If I vanish... Send people to look for me. I am not kidding.




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