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Re: why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:35:11

In reply to Re: why would YOU help US???, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:01:01

actually, yeah, that's the actual situation. i think. the problem.

during my time in Australia, at the ANU, they were in the process of dismantling it. fundamentally changing it in some way. what was the problem? well...

people were using it as a platform to springboard to the US. so the people were leaving. and they started clinging more tightly to the graduate students. not signing them off. somehow it makes it look better for them to have to list higher numbers of students enrolled in their programme who are never presented with their degrees?

what happened...

it started with reporting where the grads are now. and i suppose it got embarrassing for places to list that their grads were... the joke was working in fish shops. as in... working in a bait shop or whatever. you know, go to university for 6+ years to work in the local fish shop. that's why you should go to university.

so then they thought they would improve their stats by not graduating people. they would just withhold the degree because they weren't going to give them a job.

why weren't there enoguh jobs? well because some people needed to have more money than they needed. they needed to earn enough for 4 or 5 or 6 people... and they didn't want to be amongst colleages... they wanted to have all the money for themselves. they wanted to keep slaves... for as long as they could get away with it... i guess...

there was a... de-evolution. a regression...

tehn this idea that the fans would flock from fandom. or whatever. rich kids wanted to be part of some... scene. the experience of grad school or whatever. it's about the parties. etc. it's about the facebook photos of people in party dresses... it's about being part of the scene. that's what grad school is about.

like how undergrad at otago is about drunkenness and russian roulette of who is going to die tonight?

australia closed the thing on NZers working for tehir government. they were supposed to return to NZ and work for the NZ governmetn -- but the NZ government wasn't hiring.


there was a thing about 'you left us' so... insecure attachment. because they left there was no way in on the return. because they left they are justified in...

there's a lack of sunday school morality 101.

on behalf of those who were focused on they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me.

instead of them being... i want to learn more. nobody here can teach me. i want to go and find people in can learn from.

they stayed and grubbed up all the money.

now they keep student slaves where they force their students to write theses expressing the things they themselves don't know.

in the hope that someone will explain it to their students (in front of them) so they themselves can come to understand in a way that's face saving.

through their students.

their studnets are just tools in their pathology.

Crampton didn't do ethics 101 so his students are handpicked to express their lack of understanding of ethics 101. they are allowed to demonstrate understanding of rudimentary features of utilitarianism only.

and he expresses his fine administration ideas about how it's a treasure trove of funding all this equity money when there are no demands of accountabiltiy as to how it is spent.

and who is going to stop him?

why you better suck his dick faster because he's figured out where all the money is!!

to be scattered around him...

my problem is that he's made his career on preventing development. he hand picks the 'equity kids'. the're the ones who he belivees he can sufficiently control to suck ihis dick faster

(metaphoric. i'm being).


why would his kids help him if they thought they could get away with it?

they wouldn't... i don't think... that's besides the point...

it's more that they tow the line. they can do a relatively good approximation of finding him genuinely motivating and inspiring or educational or something.

that's why they pick 'em younger and younger and younger and...

Australia thinks it's pretty funny, i think, that NZ is teh concentration camp island of Australia.

That NZers are treated as third class citizens.

They need to take responsibility for the choices they made... To profit themselves at the expense of NZ. At a time when the Australian economy was doing really really really really well the world saw their true colors.

The post-doctoral fellowships... The research grants. The reseach funding. When the Australian economy was doing well... How did they spene dthe money? What di dthey choose to invest in?

The keeping of slaves.

Cry cry cry for vaccine handouts.

All that money spent on 'gold standard of care' arguing things round and round and round and round and round... Where teh rubber hits the road: Where di dthe money go? What was it spent on?

The keeping of slaves...




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