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Re: why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:01:01

In reply to why would YOU help US???, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 17:47:45

they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me

is what they said. when it's like 'yay you you have a job. how is that, then?'

well they pay you.


and they don't pay me.
they keep me in conditions of deprivation.

how is that then?

well... most places in the world have laws that state that is inhumane.

i'm not given or granted person status because of some lesson in forced compliance with... uh... what?

what do they want from me, again?

there was something in the news a while back about something something and they said (and it made it's way to print) 'it would have been faster if you had have just sucked my dick'.

my 1 year of research that i completed in 2018. because, you know, i applied to be enrolled in a 1 year research project degree and because i'm a domestic adult which means i get to choose my programme of study...

and so now it's 2021. and where is my credit for my 1 year of research thesis that i wrote? where is the thesis? they gave it to the examienrs. the examienrs did not give it back. it was lodged in the library though with my name on it so people could see it was my research output. 1 year of research research output.


beore covid when i wrote about how our people live in sh*tty housing and how the ERs meet their targets via perverse incentives whereby they send people away so they can say they are treating the people who present and how we don't understand informed consent on immunisation. the thesis I wrote in 2018.

for the degree i should have got.

so they were required to enrol me in medicine if i applied (which i did) if i was ranked highly enough by their objective algorithm.

that they refuse to apply.

because everything is invitation only in nz.

we get vaccines and a nurse invites her friends to come get one on facebook. because otherwise they will throw the vaccines away rather than deliver them fairly as instructed by a fair process.

theres no other reason to be a nurse -- right? that's why they pay you -- right? so you can give all the things to your friends -- right? so you have peopel who you think are your friends -- right? because if they had the opportunity to help you...


i don't even f*ck*ng know.

the cameras go up in the hospitals.

1/2 the DHB took their vaccine ahead of their peer group because they were presented iwth opportunity to take for themselves and they thought they were winners.

that means 1/2 did not.

that's better than expected.




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