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why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 17:47:45

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:58:13

is what they say.

why would YOU help US???

i mean... for years and years and years and years and years and years and years... we ignored you and kept you in conditions of deprivation. stole your stuff. laughted in your face...

for years and years and years...

why would you help us?

and the only sensible answer to that is:

'I wouldn't'.

that's the point / aim / goal.

'in order for us not to matyr you... in order for us to stop abusing you... all you need to do... is stand up for yourself. that means admitting that you are just like us. that means saying that you wouldn't help us if you thought you could get away with not helping us. any more than we would help you. haha!!!'

1/4 of our population lives overseas. has fled.
of the remaining people 25 per cent live with disability. that is to say incapacitated. the government (major employer) does not provide them with so much as minimum wage equivalent.
of the remaining people how many are in 'educational' or 'training' programmes where they pay (or get themselves into debt to the government or some subsidiary thereof) instead of being paid even minimum wage?
of the remaining...
how many are making a living in gangs or with organised criminal activity?

these are how we keep unemployment rates 'reasonable' of between 5 ish and 7is per cent.

people apply for unemployment and they are denied application forms. told they are 'ineligible to apply' for unemployment.

like how when people go to apply for a state house and they are denied an appointment that they are told is necessary. then a stream of false information is fed into the computer system. e.g., they will say that the person is not capable of managing a household (when they have no evidence for that and even when they have evidence to the contrary) in an attmept to force people into communal living boarding houses... they say you have ther right to ask for misinformation to be corrected but then they deny it is misinformation and they say you have the right to *ask* but that doesn't mean you hvae the right to get hahahahahhahahhahahhaa.

what are you going to do about it?????


lovely place, new zealand.

how bad things need to be to force migration to Australia.

how bad things need to be for it to be preferable to be a third class Australian.

how bad things are artificially kept...

because we like it when people run about murdering and raping each other and bullying each other to death.

it's a fun game.

in concentration camp island.




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