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everytime they open their mouths...

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2021, at 15:23:37

In reply to Re: new xi-land doesn't have doctors, posted by alexandra_k on February 1, 2021, at 17:01:09

they just spew an endless succession of garbage -- showing they fail to understand the most basic of things.

what evidence is there that vaccinations prevent a person from acting as a vector, transmitting the virus from one person to another person (even if they are less likely to get sick of it, themselves?

where is the evidence?

show me?

now tell me why you want to vaccinate border workers first?

is the idea that they will believe themselves to be immune so they will use less PPE so they will more likely to engage in risky behaviors so they will be more likely to end up being vectors for community transmission?

is that the end goal?

is that the grand plan?


then what are you thinking? oh please oh please oh please explain it to me...

why border workers who refuse the vaccine... may be stood down from their jobs.

*for their own good*.

f*ck*ng imbecels.

make public the data. so people can make their own informed decisions.

minister of everything scoffs to the camera:

'no, it won't be a case of people being able to rock up to their doctor and choose what vaccine they want'.

'they will take the vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, or whatever) when they are offered it'.

'my way of the highway'.

'we have done the research. we have decided what is right for you.'

I think it infinitely more likely that the government traded away / bargained away the health of it's people.

modus operandi for the new xi-land government.

trying to obtain something a little special special for an elite miniority...

throwing the rest under a bus.

volunteering them for medical experiments *without their consent* volunteering them *on their behalf*. giving up the people's right to sue foreign manufacturers for tampered batches etc etc etc...

apparently the people can sue the government instead...


and the government hires the judges to decide the cases too, does it? and the government chooses the kids to be trained in law... and the government chooses who gets to go to school at all (application processing no work-y)...

selling out... selling out... selling out...

make the data public.

they just don't understand that individual citizens are so much brighter and more capable of making good decisions about their own lives than they are.

always, you get these people determined to inflict their stupidity on the masses.

these discussions always take place behind closed doors (pharmaceutical negotiation etc) only because the government doesn't want to expose it's stupidity and ineptitude and incompetence.

i know the discussions are mostly of the form 'new xi-land refuses to comply with the most basic of rules regarding business and how to do business. always trying to sell out it's people in exchange for increasing advances for an elite minority... and in return...'

and in return...

the new zealand government gets screwed over... again and again and again...

good people cannot do business.

the government just keeps on selling out teh health of it's people.




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