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Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:34:10

In reply to Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger, posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:23:28

i guess there are many many 'lessons' one could take of world war II

what went on.

what went wrong.

how 'unfortunate' it was that an example was made of the Nazis when they weren't really doing anything so very very different from what many other countries were doing...

were they?

were they?

i mean... i know... about the death camps. about the extermination chambers.

other countries didn't do that -- did they?

didn't they?

the Japanese were trying to infect people in their camps with biological diseases. the plague and things like that.

it's harder to get community transmission than you might think.

new zealand being the present day case in point.

who knows what was going on in the US because the US has focused the story on Jewish trauma.

and what went on.

what went wrong.

there was the stuff about eugenics.

the great breeding programme.

purity of bloodlines.

i don't see that that's changed.

this idea/l of a small minority that looks out for it's own at everyone else's expense.

the sort of in-bred Kuru they have -- mostly figurately, i think...

what happens to / with Kings or Queens from literal in-breeding.

coupled with too much power.

mad or drunk with power.

a kind of dementia or intellectual handicap or mental retardation.

a kind of focus on the present that is blind or impervious to others.


i wonder how many people in New Zealand actually are in paid employment.

25 per cent are disabled. that is to say incapacitated in this country. non functional. not working.

and then everyone who is a studnet... and the government goes hard on keeping people enrolled in study and training programmes...

that's why they think i'm a f*ck*ng idiot.

because we don't have education.

we have systems of 'we don't pay you -- you pay us okay?'

and the whole point or aim of them is you only do that for as long as you absolutely need and you go into the first job you find and your life begins with you grubbing up the hierarchy of following the trail of money.

and the government will decide what you do by offering you increments of money increase

and they're ingenious with their cunning plan of how to...

how to...

uh, what's the point, again?

how to keep as many people paid as little as possible...

doing nothing.

doing no work.

just grubbing up more and more money for an elite little few.

the little twinkling light that is new zealand.

the little spark of GDP about to be extinguished any old day, now.

the world doesn't need / want our heavy polluting rubbish.

but... what else do we produce?

in a country that could only take the moral high road...

they lacked the ability to comprehend their position.

have another cow brain.

person brain.

grubitty grub grub grub.

cry cry cry for vaccine handouts.

don't pay your workers.

don't educate your people.

don't produce anything.

i wonder when they'll get back to bombing christchurch...




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