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Re: taken over

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:18:41

In reply to Re: taken over, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:10:11

and how much did they pay the 'psychiatrist' who supposedly sectioned me which was supposed to be what justified them holding me in the psychiatric icu?

was he registered?

where did he go to school?

does he have an actual degree?

one they acknowledge?

how much did he pay them for it?

how much does he pay the government, here, to detain people involuntarily against their will without conducting a psychatric assessment?

what is his understanding of a psychiatric assessment?

what sorts of questions are important or crucial?

what did i say in response to his questions that justified him involuntarily detaining me against my will?

what condition did he arrange for me to be kept in?

what justified that?

he's a f*ck*ng psychopath -- and he didn't seem to know any f*ck*ng thing.

he was from someplace exotic... middle east? russia? i have no idea... he wasn't from here.

he didn't have registrars...

there were a few people hanging about at various points...


greasy haired...

none of them seemed to know anything about psychiatric assessments, either.

nobody was interested in conducting one.

they were interested in keeping me isolated (no human contact) as much as they could.

then only interested in having me interact with other people on the psychiatric icu ward.

mostly male.

in a ward with shared bathrooms.

and then in drugging me, of course.

old generation antipsychotics becuase they are using up the stocks that the developed world won't purchase or prescribe anymore.


nobody does any of the things that they're supposed to do...

all the people who WANT help.

no help for them.


why wouldn't you -- if you thought you could get away with it.


they don't pay their workers.

so they figure out ways to take / make money themselves.

that means selling medical supplied or biological samples or whatever.

teachers get their jollies sexually abusing their students -- or arranging for their studnets to be sexually abused by others.

why else would be people teachers -- when they don't pay them.





they don't pay workers.

so you are forced to figure a way to pry the money from their cold dead hands.


which is what they invest everything in.

trying to have people believe that.

because it's the only thing that enables them to live with themself.




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