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Re: taken over

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:02:26

In reply to taken over, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:47:02

and i suppose there are wards full of people under the ground under the hospital.

that's likely why it's called the 'psychiatric icu'.

they keep people there for long enough to see... if they have family... if anybody questions there whereabouts...

i suppose i would have been vanished, only i did manage to get hold of a district inspector who could hear i was lucid and said she would come and visit me after the weekend...

at which point they moved me to a regular ward.

at which point patients start (as they always do) looking at me strangely and asking me if i'm a doctor. saying i'm a doctor, really -- right?

i will never forget how they had 4 or 5 large pacific islanders standing outside my isolation room refusing to allow me to leave (go about my lawful business).

what the hell.

they hold me in a seclusion cell overnight and refuse to allow me to leave.

there were a couple people about... a nurse... nasty. sadism. you could see she was getting her jollies out of forced compliance. another couple. germans. they were.

and the other cells...

i could hear a guy pacing all night and sniffing in the air like a feral animal. vents in the walls with urine smells.

the bright light blips of LEDs.

if i wanted to design a covert torture chamber room to try and induce a psychotic episode...

i couldn't have done a better job of it.

i suppose that is the point of it, really. you intentionally induce psychosis and then once you've induced it you use that to leverage never being required to give up keeping the person in those conditions.

there was certainly an aspect of that about it.

they decided they wanted to keep me.

like that.

because i had a wrist tag with an auckland city mission GP (so they thought i was homeless / drug addict / mental health problem homeless person)... so they thought they could do whatever they wanted to me.

no phone.

they wanted to know who i would call.

to see if they needed to worry about families or ties for me.


this aspect.


is here.

in new zealand.

the infrastructure is built.

apparently we have about the highest rates of involuntary incarceration in the developed world.

from people who haven't done anything wrong.

people awaiting trial.

people awaiting psychiatric assessment.

because we don't have any actual psychiatrists.


things are no good here. there is no good here.

things are very very bad here.

the government sold out it's people.

they tell htem they need to sell out the people or they won't get to be government and it's about doing what you need to do to be in power and then you can use the power to...

comply with the demands of the people who pay you.



mostly it isn't about power. it is mostly about bullying and standing over.

a lot.

it's remarkable how much people will comply if you tell them they must without actually forcing tehm.

in dunedin...

posting guards outside work and income to turn away people who presented for governmetn assistance.

telling them they needed birth certificates (many teenagers didn't have their birth certificates).

to try and keep the stats down.

people won't ask for help if they refuse to let them in the door.

they say 'give us your passport because we said hand it over'

you go into work and income and they say 'what is your full name your addresss your phone number your work and income number your date of birth tell us out loud in front of everybody in this room (violate your own privacy) otherwise we won't help you go away'

theres a very very fine line here and it's been crossed repeatedly.

things are not goo dhere.




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