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Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:30:29

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:18:48

there are a few new zealand medical journals.

the parents of the international studnets expect to see their students name in print.

i think there is an element / aspect of that about it.

that's why they print it on high gloss paper and leave copies of it all strewn about.

so they feel they are getting their monies worth. seeing their kids name in print.

their kid might get their name up close to the front... right at the front... depending on just how bad the people can make it. the kinds of atrocities that were committed in the production of it. the kind of a message that it will send to future employers...

it's about leverage. i think. it's about having leverage over the person. so you can have them slaving for you for none of the pay.

the worse the atrocities that they commit (whether they have that motivation or whether they can be coaxed into displaying to the world they will do those things) the easier it is for them to...

neutralise them.

in other words. not pay them.

so then...

if they want to be a doctor at all... they can pay the DHB. depending on the leverage, of course. i mean, it will start with repeating the year for the university.

you pay the university fees and in exchange for that they give you swipe entry and you call yourself 'doctor' in the hospital.

but then they fail you and you are repeating the year rather than progressing. but that's shameful -- right? but you don't have to tell anyone you failed -- right? they can think you are continuing, progressing... it's just that they don't pay you (you pay them). or they pay you a pittance (you are an intern rather than on pay-roll as a junior doc). or you are being 'held back' on the pay-scale because...

because that's how the board gets pay-rise for itself year after year after year.

because there's more studnets trained than places available.

because the primary criterion on who gets to advance has to do with how low they can force them to go...

exceptions for... the kids of the board members. i guess. because if the board members are paying for their kids to live then it's sort of a little like an extension of themselves... only new zealanders often like to keep their kids slaves, too.

people will force their kids to live at home with their parents while their parents have money invested in multiple slum rental homes...


and then it becomes about registration. not having any registration, i mean. what difference does it make? i think there is something about you can't prescribe medication without being registered. so that means that you need someone more senior to sign off on the prescription.

so that means you can have hospitals staffed by people who won't prescribe medication.

which is cheap -- right?

and then, over time, as people are passing themselves off as 'you must be a registered consultant or whatever by now -- right?' while, i don't know... repeating their first year as a junior doctor for the 6th time... then people find themselves in the position of...

i don't know...

being 'invited' to do surgeries or abortions or caserians... or do anasthetics... with... other people who aren't registered, too. for whatever reason.

there they are.

maybe they are medical device representatives doing experiments on what kinds of materials will cause the worst immune response reaction... maybe they are foreign scientists collecting embryonic samples for stem cell research (which is not illegal when done in NZ)...

things are really very not good in our hospitals.

in new zealand generally.

concentration camp / detention facility island.

there's nobody home.




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