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Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:50:14

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:32:55

i guess it's because they pay these people... to advertise 'jobs' (i put them in scare quotes becuase there really aren't any such things insofar as i have been able to tell, since my return, to new zealand).

i see a big 'how low can we force them to go' process.

how long is 'frictional unemployment'? if it's 6 months... then we'll force them to 'frictional unemployment' for 12 months, at least, and see... how low we can force them to go...

that seems to be the idea. the grand plan of things. we can kid ourselves it't about money, about saving money. it's about how the board gets it's next pay-rise, so i suppose it is about the money, after all, how much worse things can be for some so that a small minority can have more and more and more and more and more than what they need...

and what do they do with their money? slum landlordism, seems to be the kiwi way... maybe invest in a private hospital. an aged care institution so you can do experiments on people kept immobilised after living in your slummy houses after smearing faeces on the walls in your slummy jobs.

that was something -- before Covid. the newspapers used to be full of the whole 9-5 stupidity. the work-hour rushes that was blocking up the infrastructure while things were empty outside those artificially constructed rushes. how people were doing things like... eating their lunches on the toilets. smearing faeces on the walls in the toilets. in these supposedly nice and upmarket work environment.

how the CE's needed to have private bathrooms at work because they couldn't be expected to slum with their workers who would leave things to go mouldy in the frige and smear faeces on the walls and on the buttons of the elevators...

they forgot to pay their workers.

and they didn't see it coming.

we don't have a system of progression.

it's just about picking the people who will agree to slave-drive the next generation and keep as many of them in as appalling conditions as possible. that's the trophy. volume and just how low we can go.

the great race to the bottom.

wah wah wah cry our leaders. nobody listens to me!

actually, the problem is that you are the only one with speaking rights.

'what you said but reflected back on you'.

like talking with a 3 year old.

apparently some doctor wants to be a cartoonist, really. he's decided to self-publish cartoons.

because he's concerned that his patients don't listen to him -- his patients won't take the vaccine when (and only when) he says they should.

instead... his patients are saying things to the effect that they will make their own decision.

and, of course, that makes them 'impervious to reason' and 'conspiracy theorist' (says the person with the money and the power in that situation).

he's decided to slum it with the people and speak tot hem in a language htey might have a hope of having the reading comprehension skills to understand.

a cartoon.

maybe he'll make a youtube video.

'i am the voice of science!' say our mighty leaders.

because our medical doctors have science degrees?


arts degrees?



who's your daddy?

and how much of a bribe did he pay to have you set up so he wouldn't be paying you into the future?




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