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Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:32:55

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:19:11

you can pay us a bribe and sing our praised all day and maybe we'll select you into a medical degree. you can pay international fees for that...

and of course we'll fail you, periodically. and shame you. and you'll feel so ashamed and afraid that you are failing... and that means you hand over money to repeat various years. i think they can only force you to repeat a year once... on two occasions. something like that. so factor that in to the cost of doing business with new zealand. the cost of buying a medical degree from new zealand. there will be another couple of years of repeat years when they fail you for your english not being good enough or whatever arbitrary reason. your not being culturally safe / appropriate. that will likely be it. that's why they hire the maaori in the name of equity. to fail the international students for not being maaori.

so there's that.

and then there's no promise of training intern places in the 6th year. and if you don't complete your training internship then of course you don't graduate. no degree. so a kerfuffle about that, now.

that's where some went to italy. where they handed over a sum of money and were sent away from the hospital with their internship forms signed off.

when that became public knowledge the university officials were like 'that's the way we've always done things'. surprise that there was anything wrong with it.

then they attempted to blame it on the students for bribing their way out of their workplace experience.

but it seems the university was okaying those work placements for them beforehand and the university had accepted similar sign offs previously.

it is unclear to me how much some studnets were forced, basically, to accept a work placement whereby they handed over a sum of money instead of being allowed to do a work placement and in that way they got their work placement signed off.

in new zealand, too. it is unclear how much some of the work placement places don't want studnets in those hospitals. they don't want them seeing how there isnt' any medical supplies. how the buildings are substandard. they don't want anybody on pay-roll to set foot in any of the 'back of house' aspects or areas. so any studnets assigned there have a very cursory front of house experience and they get them out as quick as possible.

then junior docs... paid about the same as you would pay a PhD studnet. in other words... highly skilled labor for low levels of pay. because they are supposed to be still learning. only they tell them that they are the most highly skilled / trained people that there are...

and there we go.

and then there's the charlitans and so on who have been struck off registers everywhere else...

the advertisements intentionally designed to not attract any applicants and the ones that aren't real (aren't actually hiring).

they had 'sterile supply technician' which is apparently minimum wage. you put the stuff into the autoclave. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. they re-advertised. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. they re-advertised -- saying that massey had a 'sterile supply technician 2 year course and they were prioritising people from that'.

in other words, students pay massey 2 years of fees where their work experience (no pay) is to slave for the hospital. in what is only ever going to be a minimum wage job with no progression.

they had 'medical laboratory assistant'. entry level. they wanted 12 until 6am part time of up to 20 hours per week.

i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. the job was re-advertised. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. the job was re-advertised. they said it would be suitable for a recent graduate of a 4 year bachelor of bio-medical science degree graduate.

a part time job. graveyard shift. where hospital parking will cost you... and the job is close to minimum wage...

we don't have jobs in new zealand.

we just have schemey scummy scams to get people throwing money at universities and slaving for minimum wage.




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