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wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:03:13

go the three people with speaking rights in new zealand.

there's des gorman.

i think he trained as a medical doctor.
his job was to stand up in court at the behest of ACC and say that people's cancer or other things weren't job related.
and since their cancer or other things weren't job related that means they wouldn't get state / government funded treatment for their condition.

so his job (as a medical doctor) was to take money from ACC for doing an interview assessment of a person who was very sick (often terminal) and then find whatever research he could find to muddy the waters (often as simple as 'you can't PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE anything with association studies. We don't KNOW that smoking CAUSES cancer... Or road tar. Or asbestos. Or radiation. Or anything. Anything. Anything at all. We can't PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE anything at al. And gravity is not a force. And they did everything to themself. And it is their fault. And no treatment for them.)

That was his job. That's why he went into Medicine, I'm sure. To help ACC deny people from having the treatment they need.

But wah wah wah goes Des Gorman. 'Nobody listens to me'.

Wah wah wah goes Micheal Baker. I wonder how much air time he's had over the last year. Count up all the words in all the articles going on about the one and only Epidemiologist of New Zealand. He doesn't have any professional colleages for us to hear what they have to say. He doesn't even seem to have any graduate research students. There's no research outputs of his for the media to direct us to that I can see. No dialogue in print. No conversation.

But wah wah wah goes Michel Baker. 'nobody listens to me'.

These are the few people in the country...

There's one Engineer. Nanogirl. She's the only one allowed to say anything about Engineering. Apparently she's all about helping girls get into Engineering. I've never seen a girl who she's helped. Never. Where are her students, then? Where is one of her studnets that she's helped into Engineering? What does she have to say? Is there anyone, anyone, anyone at all?

There's one microbiologist. No students, either. NO peer publications.

Wah wah wah they go 'nobody listens to us'.

There are no journals.

There is no dialogue.

That's why nobody listens to you. You don't listen to anybody else, either.

There's no community of equals. Different opinions. No respect.

There was something in the news about teh Universities and less international students.

THe VC of Waikato says they are getting rid of a low of low-value employees.

Like himself?

He's the one who needs to go.

He takes his pay-check.. ANd then there isn't any money left to pay teh pay-check of anybody else. He takes his pay-check and his chronies take their pay-checks. Then they don't sign the studnets off so they can keep them slaving for 2x, 3x 4x as long. They can say 'we have a few hundred graduate research students' but they have one hundred research students who are all forced to slave for a few more times as long.

So they have more time to instill in them that they have nothing to say. That they can't get work published (we have no journals). That they need to stop producing work (we don't want research output). We want them to stop work and take a pittance of money only for doing nothing. To get with the programme of stopping everybody from doing any work.

Then we can just sit around singing the praises of Michael Baker, Des Gorman, microbiology lady, nanogirl...

The 4 or 5 people with speaking rights.

The top of the hierarchy!

The pinnacle!

They made it!

They have speaking rights!

And what do they say:

Wah wah wah nobody listens to us.
Wah wah wah.

I see why they pay them.





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